Mardeee Drops new track ‘Away’

Mardeee, the talented Zimbabwean-Canadian afro-fusion artist, has just dropped a fresh new single titled “Away,” and let me tell you, it’s a whole vibe! Now, if you’re into music that’s not afraid to mix things up and dive into different styles and genres, Mardeee’s your guy. He’s like that friend who can effortlessly switch from rocking cool melodic trap beats, as we heard in his 2019 hit “Leave My Mind,” to getting you grooving with vibrant afro-swing tunes like “RiRi” from his 2020 EP Sounds of Voyage Pt. 1.

Let’s talk about “Away” and why it’s a must-listen. First off, this track brings serious good vibes. The upbeat sound is so infectious that you’ll find yourself dancing before you even realize it. Picture this: you hit play, and suddenly you’re transported to a party where everyone’s moving to the rhythm without a care in the world.


The magic of “Away” lies in its catchy Afrobeats flavor with a swing that’s just irresistible. Mardeee’s vocals shine bright, adding that extra layer of charm to an already addictive instrumental. It’s the kind of song that grabs your attention from the get-go and doesn’t let go until you’ve grooved your heart out.


From a supporter’s view, “Away” is like that perfect soundtrack to your day. Whether you’re driving with the windows down, hanging out with friends, or just chilling at home, this song sets the mood right. It’s feel-good music that puts a smile on your face and a bounce in your step.

From an expert’s standpoint, Mardeee’s ability to blend different elements into his music is commendable. He’s not just sticking to one style; he’s exploring, experimenting, and creating something fresh each time. That’s the mark of a true artist who’s not afraid to push boundaries and keep listeners hooked.

In a nutshell, “Away” by Mardeee is a gem that deserves a spot on your playlist. It’s fun, it’s catchy, and it’s proof that great music knows no boundaries. So go ahead, hit play, and let the rhythm take you on a journey you won’t forget.

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