J.Switay Debut Album ’30 Years Down And All I Have To Show For It Is This Album’

First of all, this is definitely not Fall Out Boy. This is me clearing things up because the title of this album is done the same way as the famous band does theirs, which is clever. I give it to the brain tank of this album, J. Switay, a rising artist who is finally to release his debut album, “30 Years Down And All I Have to Show For It is This Album”. This album is packed with 12 tracks that are carefully crafted with finesse, very personal, and pass the vibe check.

But here’s the real deal, J.Switay single-handedly took charge of producing and mixing the entire album, showcasing his exceptional talent and expertise in music production. J.Switay’s hands-on approach ensured a cohesive and polished sound throughout the album. His mastery of both the creative and technical aspects of music production shines through, making this album a true reflection of his artistic vision and dedication to delivering top-notch music to listeners.


J.Switay revealed that this album reflects his life and is very personal to him. “I’ve spent the last 8-9 months working on this album.” He added. This album is a culmination of all the emotions that he has felt over the years. While this album reflects his emotions, he doesn’t want all the tracks to be about specific events of his life, thus, this music resonates closely with the listeners as aimed by the artist.

The album features beautifully crafted tracks, “The Wait (Hold On)” serves as the introduction for the whole album. It is a great overview of what to expect from J.Switay for the whole album. Loaded with cool beats and sound effects, it is a song that is carefully crafted and has a chill vibe making it a great listening experience. The same level of craftsmanship can be observed in the songs “I Don’t Think They Get It”, “Can’t Get Enough”, and “Don’t Judge Me”. With these, it presents a different flavor and feelings as you go along with the whole album.

One thing that is worth noting about this whole album is the great collaborations made for this release. This could be observed through great flows and delivery that can be observed throughout the album. This can specifically be observed in the tracks, “Falling Through the Floor”, “Complicated“, and “Album Session 8:30:23”. These songs are also packed with cool synths and beats. Vocal-wise, these are also topnotch since the lines and deliveries of the lines were all clean and fire! These tracks can 100% surely make your head bop!


Speaking of bops, “Sly” is just my absolute personal favorite. This can be a summertime anthem! It is fun, chill, and very danceable. “Align” also fits in this description. It is loaded with Switay’s cool synths and sound effects that complement perfectly with the great vocals, and spitfire rap flow in the song. On the other hand, “Nocturne For My Cat” is a great treat for your fur babies as it comprises calming yet intense piano perfection. But honestly, although this might be dedicated to pets, I think I can listen to this when I want to focus on something so be sure to check it out.

Lastly, “The World Is Ending” is a track worthy to end this whole album. It has an uplifting tone and beat albeit the themes it presents in the lyrics. “Would you rather be right by my side?”, this line could be an anthem. A track that you can listen to while driving down the road to nowhere.

Overall, this album showcases the ability and versatility of J.Switay as an artist. This album is carefully crafted and produced. This only proves that this artist has a lot to offer as exhibited through the variety of elements and musicality in this release. It blends several elements of hip-hop, modern electronic music, and R&B which are a great compliment to his style and the whole experience of listening to this album.

J.Switay might think that this album is all he got in his 30s but this is a whole lot more. All I hear is potential, amazing talent, and skills. We can’t wait to hear him release future tracks that showcase his amazing talent. Check out J.Switay and his music! Check out 30 Years Down And All I Have To Show For It Is This Album now available on streaming platforms!

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