“Live at the Outlier Inn: Shane Rennison’s Live EP Unveiled


New York’s indie pop gem, Shane Rennison, has sparked anticipation with his new live EP release, “Live at the Outlier Inn,” following a string of three stellar singles last year and his debut EP “Nice to Meet You,” boasting five captivating tracks.


Renowned for his soulful musical expression, Shane Rennison is set to unveil a mesmerizing Live EP, recorded with his band at the prestigious Outlier Inn Studio in Mountaindale, NY. This EP marks Rennison’s evolution from a solo act to a dynamic force in the indie-pop and pop-rock sphere.

Featuring band members Eamon Lebow and Julian Giaimo on electric guitars, Joe Giaimo on bass, Jacob Schaub on drums, and Rennison himself on piano and lead vocals, this live rendition promises a new and fresh version of the songs.

The artist’s indie pop sound, rich with folk and synthpop influences, finds depth and exploration within “Nice to Meet You.” Inspired by the lush woods surrounding his Catskill home, the EP offers a splendid showcase of Shane’s artistry. Across its five tracks, a spectrum of styles and profound lyricism weaves tales of relationships—embracing the joys of beginnings and the raw emotions of heartbreaks and regrets. Shane’s EP resonates with a genuine and delicate touch, a testament to his musical prowess.


“Nice To Meet You” feels like a heartfelt revelation, offering glimpses into Rennison’s soul and his deep-rooted connection to the Catskill Mountains. His affinity for the natural world infuses his music, with Rennison expressing, 

“It’s just such a beautiful place. I can take my guitar and go into the woods and hear nothing but birds,” Rennison said. “You can hear yourself think. You can feel yourself breathe. You’re more present. It’s home.”

Choosing to present a live rendition of these singles reflects Shane’s pride in this body of work, offering a different dimension to the tracks. His regular live performances at local Catskills venues, covering an impressive array of bands across diverse genres, showcase his versatility and musical passion.

“Because I’m self-taught and I haven’t been doing this that long, there’s just so much growth happening, and it’s really exciting to think about what the future holds. I feel like I’m still at the ground level of what I’m trying to do, so it’s all up from here.”
Shane Rennison

With the promise of a full album recording in early 2024, Shane Rennison’s musical journey is on an upward trajectory. “Live at the Outlier Inn” serves as proof of his growth and sets the stage for what’s to come—a compelling glimpse into the evolving artistry of this talented musician.

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