Genre-Defying Harmony: Mermaid’s Debut Album ‘Iridescence’


Brittany Campbell and Candace Quarrels’ intertwining journey, a tapestry woven with music, love, and profound camaraderie, births Mermaid, a Los Angeles-based duo. Emerging from their fateful meeting in the Chicago production of Hamilton, their 13-track debut LP, “Iridescence,” epitomizes the spectrum of human emotions and experiences, echoed through diverse musical hues.


This musical venture defies conventional genre constraints, embracing soul and R&B while playfully nodding at alt-rock, jazz, punk, pop, and even metal. Mermaid’s transcendent harmonies and an unbreakable bond rooted in affection remain consistent throughout this sonic mosaic.

Executive Produced by Brittany Campbell, whose credits include collaborations with Baby Tate, Billy Porter, and Justin Tranter, “Iridescence” unfurls as a celebration of the myriad colors of the human experience, an ode to love’s multifaceted essence.

From their origin story to the present, Mermaid has not only challenged musical boundaries but also caught the attention of Alabama Shakes’ Brittany Howard, who handpicked their song “Find Me” for NPR’s Tiny Desk Top Shelf contest in 2020. Collaborating with saxophonist Braxton Cook and co-producer Sam Hoffman, known for his work with Mereba and Durand Bernarr, “Iridescence” embodies an amalgamation of influences.

Brittany Campbell’s LA journey showcases an impressive array of accomplishments, from securing multiple TV and film syncs to signing with Justin Tranter‘s label, Fact House/Warner Chappell. Candace Quarrels’ notable performances span all four North American productions of Hamilton, embodying the essence of the three Schuyler sisters over the past three years.


Within “Iridescence,” tracks like “Disassociate” showcase an upbeat pop-rock blend, standing apart with its infectious energy, while “Wanna Be Your Lover” echoes the signature Mermaid style, infusing R&B with a funky vibe, delving into the allure of desire. These tracks were actually our favorites among all the awesome tracks, by the way.

Crafted amidst a tumultuous emotional storm, “On A Cloud” serves as a comforting refuge from the suffocating grip of personal distress. Rooted in Brittany Campbell’s experiences, the song navigates through a challenging chapter, encapsulating a period where unveiling her relationship with Quarrels led to an abrupt rift with her mother. The aftermath of her coming out led to a silence between them, and within a few months of this estrangement, the poignant notes of “On A Cloud” emerged into existence.

The album weaves a captivating narrative; tracks like the haunting duet of harmonies cast a mesmerizing spell, displaying the singers’ remarkable vocal control and an enchanting blend that resonates as a single, harmonious entity.

Beyond the varied genres and infectious beats, “Iridescence” boasts tracks that transcend mere melodies. The haunting duet of harmonies cascades through the ears like a musical reverie, showcasing the vocal prowess and emotional depth of both singers. Each note seems to resonate with a narrative, creating a multi-layered experience for listeners—a proof of Mermaid’s ability to interweave stories within their music.

This musical voyage doesn’t relent; “Iridescence” holds a treasure trove of tracks deserving wider attention, promising to enliven your soul and uplift your mood with its irresistible melodies. It’s a testament to Mermaid’s ability to capture the essence of human emotions through their evocative music, a sonic tapestry inviting listeners into a world rich with emotion and musical allure.

Iridescence Track List
Block 37 (Intro)
Broken Silence
Curse of The Femmes
On A Cloud
Find Me
Ori Yeye Yo
Young Ram (Interlude)
Wanna Be Your Lover

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