Prodigy Producer WSK Breezy Debuts With Album “Rookie of the Year”

In the cutthroat industry of music, there is one name that is currently making a buzz and the name is WSK Breezy. At the age of 14, he has already made enough buzz in the music earning him his well-deserved “Rookie of the Year” award after releasing three tracks during the two fruitful years of his career. To commemorate this huge win, Breezy debuts “Rookie of the Year”, an album that marks and announces his official arrival in the industry.

The industry always needs something new, and Breezy readily gives that. The album “Rookie of the Year” is an 8-track album that showcases the craftsmanship of Breezy as a producer. This album embodies three elements that WSK Breezy possesses: unique talent, a youthful vibe, and a high-intensity drive to break boundaries.


He’s been here two years and his demos have already found their way through the ears that mattered most. The industry has taken notice. Breezy possesses a maturity and depth that is something unique to him as an artist. His undeniable skill as a producer who crafts beats and intriguing soulful melodies makes it clear that he isn’t just a simple producer; he is one helluva star who’s soon to rise.

“Rookie of the Year” is pretty much straightforward. It features different great artists and these eight songs are packed with WSK Breezy’s solid proof of his ability to tell a story and direct emotions through his sounds.

This album opens with the track “Focus”. It serves as a proper introduction to the album. This track is packed with great vocals from the artists. It is very clear and soulful. This song also showcases great lyricism which highlights the whole production of the song. Artists performing the song are just so good. It is a nice listen; it is just great how the synths and the production of Breezy have highlighted the sound of this artist. It had uplifted the level of their performance making it a great track. This only shows the caliber of production to expect in this album.

Cypher” on the other hand is a solid track that features the great rapping skills of the artist. It is cool, aggressive, and spitfire. The beat and effects used by Breezy on this track highlighted the skills of the rapper making them sound great throughout the song. Following this intensity is the song “On the Block”. This track is cool and there is no other best way to describe this. It is intense and spitfire, but the production offered a somehow serene “a calm before storm vibe” contrary to the skyrocketing intensity of raps. The flow and delivery of the lines are perfect; An absolute banger.


30 Rounds” is yet another intense track in this album. This track is a 1000% guaranteed head bop because of its production. It has great beats and bass effects on the song. This sound is one great example of experiments on sounds that worked so well in the track. The sound does not drown the skills of the rapper and his lines which are really the best! This can also be observed through the tracks “Bad Thing” and “Shoulders”. While these tracks offer a different kind of vibe from the track, this sure still guarantees a great listening experience because of the way the song was arranged.

Lastly, the tracks “Come Around” and “Stuck” are personal favorites. “Come Around” is RnB and the piano undertones on the track make it sound fresh. While “Stuck” pops off with electric guitar in the background which kinda reminds me of my favorite track in the past.

“Rookie of the Year” is definitely a title worthy to be given to WSK Breezy. His ability as a producer not only limits to great sound but also provides great support to the artist highlighting their capabilities. As compared to other productions where sounds sometimes drown the skills and delivery of the singers and artists on the track, Breezy is an exception. He is great.

WSK Breezy has shown mastery of his craft through this album. He knows where to put all the drops and hypes making the song an incredible listening experience. This is a potential right here. With his talent and passion, he has not only delivered a great album but also alerted a great number of veterans in the industry that a rising star is approaching.

With all this, don’t forget to follow WSK Breezy’s journey to greatness. Start by checking out “Rookie of the Year” now available on streaming platforms. Stream, Like, and Save it on your playlists to give in a fresh upgrade. Check out WSK Breezy’s social media to know more about his new tracks and upcoming releases. Don’t miss out on this great artist!

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