Goldbloom is back with a Vengeance With Album “For Money and Power”

Brooklyn’s rising star Goldbloom returns with their signature music for their second album entitled, “For Money and Power“. This album showcases the full potential of the trio, defying the boundaries of each genre through their great skills as musicians.

“For Money and Power” is a very unpredictable album. It is packed with Goldbloom’s signature sound which is a solid punk-bass punctuated with awesome saxophones, enthralling bass and guitar riffs, and thrilling beats of drums. This album has a lot of influences from across the vast spectrum of music, resulting in a compelling sound that is both refreshing and familiar.


The track “Redneck” is a great introduction to the whole album. It is jazzy and it perfectly sets the mood on what to expect next on the album. The band has exceptional craftsmanship, that’s not a secret. It is clear that Goldbloom has done a major upgrade in this album. The track “Ketchup Man” provides a playful and a lighthearted energy before the energy ramps up with the track “Roger v The State of Illinois” showcasing their vast range.

Goldbloom sure is fearless when it comes to their music. The album they released are more than just a collection of catchy tunes, but it also hinted at the high ambition and pursuit to success of the trio in the industry. The tracks like “Cash Grab” and “Another Knight” dives deep into these themes with hints of small satirical energy, inviting the listeners in to reflect the darker side of one’s dream.


Additionally, tracks “Ways and Wheels”, “Still Kansas”, and “Goodbye Porkpie Hat” were also featured on this release. These tracks are packed with catchy tunes that are guaranteed to leave you wanting more of Goldbloom’s music.

In the end, “For Money and Power” is a solid proof of the band’s amazing upgrade. It is a wild musical journey infused with good punk energy and sophisticated sound of jazz with a hint of soul. From the fun beats of “Ketchup Man” to intensified energy packed in the track “Roger Ebert v. The State of Illinois”, each of these songs offers a unique spice on this release. Don’t miss out on this musical journey that explores ambition and pursuit of passion. 

Deep dive into the music of Goldbloom and discover more about their music by streaming “For Money and Power” now available in all major platforms. Follow Goldbloom on all their social media platforms for more music updates!

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