SonOfHarry’s Debut Album ‘The World Has Gone Mad’: A Theatrical Journey through Modernity

Picture this: a 21-year-old Aussie prodigy, Harry Cleverdon the mastermind behind SonOfHarry, decides to throw his hat into the pop and soft rock ring, and voila! ‘The World Has Gone Mad’ drops on December 8th, and it’s like the fireworks on New Year’s Eve—explosive, unpredictable, and leaving you in awe.

Now, this Harry Cleverdon fella might’ve been crooning country tunes Down Under, but trust me, he’s done a complete 180. This debut concept album is a mashup of vintage coolness (think Pink Floyd and Queen) mixed with a modern twist that hits like a Hozier-Mayer duet.


You know, when you listen to this album, it’s not just a bunch of tunes randomly thrown together. Nope. It’s like a theme park, with layers of synth, bluesy guitar, and vocals that carry you through a maze of emotions. SonOfHarry‘s not just singing; he’s storytelling, taking us on a wild ride through a maze of societal craziness.

Time to dish on the tracks from the album! So, about those tracks—okay, okay, I know it’s not officially out yet, but let me spill some beans. Perks of the job, you know? It’s like getting VIP tickets to a concert before everyone else does!

Starting off with ‘Intro’, it’s like entering a dreamy wonderland, setting the stage for ‘The World Has Gone Mad, Pt 1’. Cue in the ominous vibes, layered vocals, and drums that’ll make your heart race. But hold up, it’s not all doom and gloom. ‘Paradise, Pt 1’ swerves in, spreading good vibes with its feel-good chants and a beat that gets your feet tapping.

Now, ‘The World Has Gone Mad, Pt 2’—if that ain’t a pop-rock explosion tackling our messy reality, I don’t know what is! And let’s take a breather with ‘Moments Of Beauty’, a soulful slow dance that hits you right in the feels with its guitar riffs and harmonies.

‘Ambitious, right? But it gets wilder! ‘Alien’ is like a rocket launch. It starts gentle and then blasts off with Harry’s vocals and a killer guitar solo. And guess what? It segues perfectly into ‘Can Not Be This Way’, a jazzy number asking all the right questions.

This album’s like a buffet; you’ve got ‘Fall’, a cosmic track that plays with autotune and piano, diving deep into emotions. And finally, ‘The World Has Gone Mad, Pt 3’—a theatrical, political, and social commentary wrapped in a pop dynamite. Boom!

There’s a whole treasure trove waiting to be explored in ‘The World Has Gone Mad’ by SonOfHarry, and we’re not here to spoil it. Trust me, what we’ve shared here is just the trailer to an epic movie—you’ve got to experience the whole picture yourself!

SonOfHarry is serving an opus on a platter. This guy’s beyond his years, and ‘The World Has Gone Mad’ is his canvas painting modern existence. Get ready, folks—it’s hitting the shelves everywhere on December 8th.

The World Has Gone Mad is SonOfHarry’s musical kaleidoscope. It’s cohesive, it’s thought-provoking, and it’s a testament to this young artist’s brilliance. So mark your calendars—SonOfHarry’s ‘The World Has Gone Mad’ drops everywhere on December 8, 2023. Don’t miss out on this musical rollercoaster—it’s an experience you’ll want on repeat!

“The World Has Gone Mad” Track List

The World Has Gone Mad Pt 1
Paradise Pt 1
The World Has Gone Mad Pt 2
Moments Of Beauty
Paradise Pt 2
Where Do We Come From
Can Not Be This Way
The World Has Gone Mad Pt 3

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