Unearthing a Different Rap Sound: Kentron Clutch’s “da aTRAPulant Conception”

It’s not every day you stumble upon an artist reshaping the rap scene. Kentron ClutchAF, with his recent 12-track album “da aTRAPulant Conception” released on December 25, 2023, isn’t following the trend—he’s crafting a whole different sound wave in the rap scene. This artist from Fayetteville, NC, is shaking up the norms, hitting harder than ever before. Buckle up because this isn’t your everyday hip hop ride!

This is Kentron Clutch‘s fourth big album since he started dropping tracks in 2019. And he’s feeling it; he’s got a vibe this might just be one of the hottest hip-hop albums he created in the last couple of years. With banger singles like “Bag 2 Chase,” “Everytime She Ride,” and “Infatuated” on the tracklist, he might just be onto something big!


Let’s backtrack a bit to where it all began. Raised in the inner city of Fayetteville NC, Clutch’s story is a tale etched in grit and determination. It took a few drug raids to shake things up, but it was those moments that sparked a fire in him to pursue music professionally. Forming “Da Cash Convurturz” and dropping mixtapes that made waves locally, Kentron’s been on a relentless pursuit of greatness.

Fast forward to 2019, and the solo journey begins with “N.D.S.D (No Deal Still Dealin).” But it’s this 4th gem, “da aTRAPulant Conception,” that’s set to redefine the rap game. Kentron’s beats are dark like a musical shadow realm, transporting you to a whole new dimension. The lyrics aren’t holding back either! They’re raw, vulnerable, and brutally honest—qualities that aren’t your usual rap fare, but man, they hit the spot!

Bag 2 Chase” and “beginnin of da ENDtro” open the show, brewing an intriguing concoction of sounds that transform into an electric trap vibe. Kentron’s vocals are as sharp as a chef’s knife, drenched in raw emotion. You can feel the heart he poured into these beats and verses.


Zoom into “No Frontin” and “Pea Oh Pea,” tracks that bring the hype and thumping energy. They’re like the best party guests—vibrant, lively, and nod-worthy. But hey, I won’t spill all the beans. This album is a musical treasure chest begging to be uncovered.

Da aTRAPulant Conception is an experience, a proof of Kentron Clutch’s evolution as an artist. With a fusion of beats that push boundaries and lyrics that tug at the soul, this album isn’t your typical hip-hop ride. It’s an invitation to explore a whole new rap landscape—a journey you don’t want to miss!

da aTRAPulant Conception Track List

Bag 2 Chase
Beginnin of da ENDtro
No Frontin
Pea Oh Pea Freestyle
U ain no steppa
Everytime She Ride
Interogated In Raids
Friends by Drastikk910
Da Blinds On Fire
No Frontin – Remix

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