30 Artists, 1 Teen Prodigy: Lights Out’s ’30 For 30′ Album

Lights Out is throwing a musical house party, and everyone’s invited! This 15-year-old wiz-kid producer has dropped an album that’s like a musical bag of Skittles—every track, a different flavor. Seriously, we’re talking rap, UK drill, RnB, and pop all whipped up into a musical smoothie! A musical smorgasbord, if you will.

Can we just pause and appreciate that Lights Out has pulled off a production feat with a squad of nearly 30 up-and-coming artists? It’s like he called up the Avengers of the music world, and they’ve collectively dropped the mic on this album. Lights Out knocked on their doors and kicked ’em down for a jam session!


But here’s the real kicker: Lights Out isn’t your typical teen. Nope, he’s slaying the music game. Influenced by the best in hip-hop and trap, this guy’s been cooking up beats that could set your soul on fire or could make your grandpa start grooving. With singles like “Motions,” “Carousel,” and “Trendsetter,” he’s already been making waves, but ‘30 For 30‘ is where he’s bringing in the heavy hitters. He’s taking those vibes and molding them into tracks that hit harder than Monday blues.

He’s not new to the scene either. You might’ve heard his catchy singles—”Motions,” “Carousel,” “Trendsetter”—they’re like the appetizers to this album banquet with a bunch of talented folks. Lights Out’s game plan? Simple—build a community through beats. I mean, seriously, Lights Out had a goal—to collaborate with as many fire artists as humanly possible. Mission accomplished, my friends! He’s practically building a musical community, one verse at a time.


Think about it: 28 different artists, 2 producers—that’s like a musical Avengers team-up!That’s 30 creatives crammed into one ear-catching album. It’s like a musical United Nations summit, and the outcome? Pure auditory gold! When you’ve got that many creative geniuses in one room (or album), it’s not just a mixtape dude; it’s a musical showdown, a battle of beats and rhymes that’ll leave your ears begging for an encore.

So, why should you care? Well, imagine a musical buffet where each track is a gourmet dish cooked up by a different chef. ‘30 For 30‘ is a journey through the minds and talents of rising stars, and trust me, you want a front-row seat for this one! It’s an invite you’ll want to RSVP ‘Yes‘ to, ASAP!

30 For 30 Track List

One Time
Long Time
Viral Erry Week
Behind The Scenes
Thinking About You
Red Roses
Two Tone
Made It Happen
Kurt Cobain
Out Alive
Cold Nights
Made A Way

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