“Sounds Gay, I’m In – Resting B!tch Face: An Unapologetic EP”

Picture this: a punchy blend of protest anthems, pop-punk vibes, and a relentless drive to challenge norms—that’s Resting B!tch Face for you. Hailing from Birmingham, UK, this spirited Queercore punk collective packs a punch with their energetic performances, wielding music as a weapon for change.

If you’re new to the Queercore punk scene, Resting B!tch Face serves as an electrifying introduction. Their music is a fierce advocacy for the LGBTQIA+ community. Imagine the raw energy of a protest band, the spirit of Riot grrl, all wrapped up in a pop-punk package—Resting B!tch Face embodies it all.


Their upcoming album promises an explosive lineup of singles. “Straight White Man” is a perfect starter—an electrifying pop-punk piece with crunchy guitar riffs, a vibe that’ll get you hyped, and a bridge that feels like a rebellion anthem in the making. Planned for a January 2024 release, it’s a jam to watch out for.

Then there’s “Cauterize the Critics.” It’s punk at its core, a slow-tempo but potent anthem that gives critics a firm lyrical middle finger. It’s all about breaking chains and challenging societal beauty standards—empowering and unapologetically fierce.

“Good Girl,” planned for a February 2024 release, takes a powerful stance on everyone’s power. Rejecting societal norms and uninterested in conforming, this track is a call to every gender everywhere to break free from the expectations placed upon them.


Then there’s “Par for the Course,” a personal favorite of ours—a track that oozes a post-punk vibe, a heady blend of nostalgia and innovation that adds depth to RBF’s musical arsenal.

But let’s not spoil the entire EP journey for you. This is merely scratching the surface of what the EP holds. We’re hesitant to reveal it all, as there’s a treasure trove of tracks waiting to captivate your ears. Trust us, some of these tunes are destined to secure a permanent spot on your playlist.

Resting B!tch Face is more than a band; they’re trailblazers on a mission to defy the status quo, challenge stereotypes, and craft rebellious melodies that carry profound messages. And really, with a band name like that, you just know they’re bringing something bold and brilliant to the stage.

“Sounds Gay, I’m In” Track List

Straight White Man
Cauterize the Critics
Good Girl
Par for the Course
Boss Bitch (Sounds Gay, I’m In)

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