Part One: (Pictures of) Shells: Exploring Tobias Sarra’s Sophomore Masterpiece


If you’ve been a wanderer in the eclectic musical scene or just an explorer seeking the unknown, Tobias Sarra‘s latest album, “Part One: (Pictures of) Shells” might just be the one you’ve been searching for.


First off, let’s get to know Tobias—this guy’s a musical chameleon, dipping into everything from jazz to folk, noise to ambient. It’s like he’s got a backstage pass to every genre party in town! Plus, his resume reads like a concert itinerary around the world—from LED drumming to mysterious noise monikers like ‘StrangeDogWoof.’

Now, about ‘Pictures of Shells’: it’s the sequel to ‘A Beige Kind of Grey’ and boy, does it pave the way for some cross-genre evolution! This time, Tobias dials up the piano vibes, hitting us hard with keys and synths galore. Picture a musical journey led by Norwegian wizards Martin Lien on drums and Jonas Eskeland on woodwind, all sprinkled with that ‘alive-in-the-moment’ vibe.

What’s fascinating is how this album swirls through styles like a musical buffet. It’s like Tobias is saying, “Hey, here’s a bit of jazz, a pinch of ambient, and a spoonful of art-pop—enjoy the ride!” And while it doesn’t commit to a single musical space, there’s this beautiful thread tying it all together—a connectedness amidst the diversity.

Imagine this album as a collection of interconnected pictures, each telling its own story but contributing to a bigger, mesmerizing narrative. Vent Magazine once praised Tobias for his ability to blend musical influences under one roof while still showcasing his personality—totally spot on for ‘Pictures of Shells’ too!

The magic behind some of these tracks? Picture this: Tobias, Martin, Jonas, and studio engineer Ellery Daines jamming together in Norway—never played as a group before, but creating musical gold on the fly. And guess what? More goodies from that session are slated for a ‘Part Two’ album named ‘Spirals (Are Not For Counting)‘ in 2024. Can’t wait!


Oh, and the behind-the-scenes tales? Tracks like ‘There Is No Place’ and ‘Hold Me’ were cooked up on an Arctic island during the Covid chaos—talk about a setting for creativity! Plus, shoutout to the mastering and mixing maestro Rob Griffiths at Cupola Studios for giving these tracks their polished sheen.

But wait, there’s more: Tobias birthed ‘Pictures of Shells’ under the ‘Melt The Quilt’ label, aiming to house his diverse musical aliases under one roof. It’s like his creative hub for genre-bending tunes, and I’m here for it! And let’s not forget the bizarre yet wild story of a camel attack in Arctic Norway—thank goodness for Help Musicians, swooping in with therapy and physiotherapy to keep Tobias’s musical journey on track.

Kudos to Generator and Andrew Archer @Loft Studios for their guidance and support, ensuring Tobias’s music doesn’t just stay in his head but gets out there for us to groove to.

With each track, Sarra invites us on a journey—one where ambient whispers merge with jazz-infused rhythms, where improvised melodies paint vivid landscapes, and where the very essence of music transcends its conventional constraints.

So, as the curtains draw on this auditory expedition, let “(Pictures of) Shells” linger in your mind, a proof to Sarra’s audacious musicality, his dedication to pushing artistic frontiers, and a melodic reminder that true creativity knows no limits.

(Pictures of) Shells Track List
Speculation Intro
Somewhere, Nestled In The Darkness
There Is No Place
All I Am Intro
All I Am (Is A Great Illusion)
Gobstoppers For Breakfast
It Looks Cold From Up Here
All Good Things
Hold Me
In The End, There’s Always Silence

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