King Khy Claiming The Crown With Banger “King Me”

Make a way, y’all, for the “King” is back! On June 9th, King Khy again unleashed a self-made masterpiece entitled “King Me.” An album with a 13-track collection of his undeniable skills and talent as an artist. Each track featured on this album details his way towards kingship. From each beat to each lyric, this personal collection is a solid declaration of his arrival in the front scene of hip-hop in the industry.

King Khy is a self-taught artist. He engineered and architected all the details and behind-the-scenes of this project. This is evident in this album’s unique sound and vibe. “King Me” perfectly encapsulates his struggles to get to where he is right now; it is a two-year dedication to his passion and craft, showcasing his all-in-one potential to the whole world.


The album opens with the lead track, “THA KING.” It perfectly compressed the whole vibe of the album. It is packed with booming bass and beats, while the track “Feel Like A Star ” is dominated with head-bobbing, easy-to-remember rhythm. This is where King Khy has demonstrated his prowess and versatility as a soundmaker. His beats are just sick! The tracks “Tunnel Vision” and “Geek” feature a good sound for experimentation, incorporating fresh sound to classic hip hop, making the whole thing refreshing.

One of the major points of this album is its rap. I daresay, “King Me” is not just a showcase of sick beats and rhythm, but it also showcases King Khy’s skills in rapping. He delivers his lines with so much vigor, switching from spit-fire delivery to laid-back chill-groovy delivery with so much ease. “Let Em Cook Up,” a track that also features great artist Shuey HBK, shows this fierce exchange of lines, while “Had To Do It” and “Champion” are tracks that go around with a strong vibe that gives off confidence, which literally is just fire.


To add depth to this album, King Khy also featured tracks like “Now the Place Smells Exotic” and “Titus” in the collection. These tracks may be criminally short (yes, we need more! ), but they showcase how good and hypnotizing this artist’s delivery was. “Rally” maintains the momentum for this hypnotizing and swaggy vibe. Moreover, the tracks “What’s Competition” and “Hit the Buzzer” showcase celebration and meticulously made tracks that also display the artist’s producing and rapping skills, which were also described and observed throughout the listen for this album.

Verdict? King Me has huge potential. King Khy has done a great job of showcasing his skills in producing, writing, and performing his own music through this album. This collection is a great proof that through hard work, passion, and dedication, one can reach kingship, hence the crown for King Khy. This album demands to be listened to. This album demands respect and, most especially, your direct attention. So, don’t miss out. Check out “King Me” by King Khy, now available on all your favorite streaming platforms. This is a must-listen album. Follow the King himself, King Khy, on all his social media platforms to learn more about him and his music! Stream “King Me” by King Khy now!

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