Baby Said Drops a Power-Packed EP “Who Gives a Rock”

Have you ever had music that riled you up so hard that it made you giddy? Well, if you haven’t yet, this next artist is just your best bet. Baby Said, a UK-based all-girl band, released a powerful EP entitled “Who Gives a Rock” and could cause a huge clamor in the music scene since this 4-track collection is JUST TOO GOOD. It is refreshing to hear a new sound in the airwaves, and their energetic and youthful rock sound will definitely leave you wanting to hear more.

The track “Panic Attack” sets the stage for the whole EP. Right off the bat, you will hear a powerful sound brought on by the band’s instruments. The bass is particularly strong, accompanied by the fiery guitar riffs by Holly Knowles and the strong sound of the drums by Maddie Hackett, which served as a perfect backdrop to the clear vocals of Jess Pal and Veronica Pal. This track is easy to listen to; it is simple yet powerful, and it is a very relatable track too. It tackles a topic with which we’re all too familiar, and the way this song was performed reflects the frustration and vulnerability that a person feels if they have a panic attack. I definitely would like to highlight the part where everything went perfectly still and came back with a deep breath (like the kind that you take when you feel like you’re drowning) and then transitioned into singing—it was perfect. It was dramatic. What a way to introduce the whole EP!


Next is the track “Mouth Shut.” Well, this track is FUN—it is catchy and most definitely witty! This track showcased the ability of the band to write good lyrics while making it sound catchy! This song has a different vibe than the first one since this one talks about having a realization that someone you initially liked was not that likable at all after you hear them speak. Well, they’re not as advertised. Anyway, this track also features the great vocals of Jess along with the instrumentation of the whole band—it’s just to dig for! On the other hand, the tracks “You Killed It” and “Fight” showcase the fiery side of the band, most especially their ability to write compelling and powerful lyrics that can be translated into great messages through their songs. These tracks talk about surviving challenges and disappointments, and at the same time, they speak about the fight against sexism and the worth that someone has to prove in their lives.


“Who Gives a Rock” is loaded—with a powerful message, great sounds, and just the vibe! It’s all there; it is everything that you are looking for. Baby Said did a great job of producing this unique and fresh sound amidst this whole overproduced music chaos happening now in the industry. It is hard to deny that this band has showcased their firepower and vast skill set. This EP screams potential. I’m sure enough, a bright future is ahead of them.

Punk is not dead, indeed! Baby Said rocked this with their EP “Who Gives a Rock,” and we are most definitely ready to hear more from them! “Who Gives a Rock” is now available for streaming on all your favorite streaming platforms, so don’t forget to show up and check out this good music. Follow Baby Said on their social media accounts to learn more about their future releases and latest updates! Sure enough, they’re cooking something big this year! So don’t miss out! Baby Said and their EP “Who Gives a”Rock”—check it out now!

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