Love, Loss, and Resilience Through GL Smoov’s “In Nimbus”

Rising Artist GL Smoov dives deep into the bottom depths of loss, resilience, and love on his latest EP release, “In Nimbus“. The EP is a four-track collection released last March 26, 2024, that is packed with addicting melodies and easy-to-remember beats that guarantee absolute goodness.

“In Nimbus” is an undeniable blend of vibe-y and catchy. It is a great combination of R&B beats and deep self-reflecting lyrics. This EP is a general showcase of GL Smoov’s skills as an artist as he masterfully balances vibe, cool calm vocals, addicting melodies, and well-written and structured lyrics that give a glimpse into relatable life experiences. This is an absolute top-notch quality release that could keep you listening from track one to the fade of the final notes of the last song.


The EP starts strong with the track, “Lapse“. This track just like the others is emotionally packed. Hidden in the beats and the emotional vocals of GL Smoov, the song explores love that was lost. It is a song that hints at a relationship that is fading slowly, and time is its sole witness. This is a very expressive track that captures the sting that one usually feels after a love that is not easily forgotten.

To continue and amplify this whole emotional ride, the track “Gray Skies” comes next. It carries a heavy weight of heartbreak. GL Smoov has mastered the craft of hiding loaded emotions on his addictive beats and R&B vibe. This track recognizes the pain that you feel during the process of moving on and the lingering emptiness that follows it. Personally, this song for me is a slow-burning fire that is cackling. You feel the heat of it, and it embraces you like a warm blanket on a sad gloomy day. It is sad but there’s a warmth in it. This is my personal favorite.


Fall in Line” on the other hand is a track packed with upbeat melody and rhythmic tunes. It cackles with energy and is very catchy. It is slow, seductive, and sexy. Lastly, the EP closes with a personal track “Here We Go…“. This track serves as a reflection for GL Smoov. A reflection on the reality and harsh truth faced as an adult and how somehow it can lead you to being lost in the middle of everything. More than that, this song also exhibits a strong determination to stay on top of everything despite the uncertainties and struggles. This one hit close to a home run.

In Nimbus is an absolute showcase of the talent and skill of GL Smoov as a musician. It is hard proof that there’s always power in vulnerability and honesty in music as shown in this EP. It is something; It is relatable; it is direct; it is powerful. It is a unique perspective to music and GL Smoove has done a great job of expressing it.

Don’t sleep on this EP, “In Nimbus” – a collection of tracks that are absolute bangers. Check it out on all platforms, like, share, stream, and don’t forget to add it to your playlists. To know more about GL Smoov and his music, don’t forget to follow him on his socials for more music updates! Do not miss this awesomeness.

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