UMBRA: A Musical Experience by Orçun Ayata

There are many factors that can make music a big hit – a perfect blend of vocals, well-written lyrics, and production are part of it. But most especially, one of the major elements of it is the sound engineer. They capture and refine sound into ideas that come out as mixes. They balance instruments and vocals creating a huge emotional impact through a song and their expertise shapes the identity of a musician, bringing their vision to life.

They work their wonders in shadow, hence, the title of this album. Orçun Ayata, a highly acclaimed audio engineer and producer, drops his latest instrumental album, UMBRA, demonstrating his exceptional artistry as an artist and sound engineer. Currently based in Istanbul, Ayata’s album UMBRA offers a unique take on old school hip-hop, and pushing the limits of traditional musicality.


Experiments do really work, as these tracks were crafted in Wroclaw, Poland in between breaks writing his thesis about independent artists. This time, trying out new compositions and sampling techniques, and exploring new combinations of lofi hip-hop with traditional old-school sounds, crafting unique sounds.


This album is a culmination of my passion for music production and my desire to explore new sonic landscapes.” Orçun Ayata expresses the creative process behind this current album. Each track from this collection proves the skillful scrutiny and craft of Ayata towards his work. Amongst these are “Sound Check”, it is groovy, a musical surprise that would make you want to dance; “Euphoria”, a track that has a calming effect as the sound surrounds your head; “Eclipse” with its unique beats and easy to remember melody; “Umbra”, dramatic, and explosive with a great build-up, and, my personal favorite in this bunch, “Actual People”, unique sound with beats and tune that evokes nostalgia. Moreover, what I really like about it are the recordings from real “Actual People” which made it a real and authentic type of experience.

Ayata’s commitment to discovering and creating unique music proves his vast coverage in the music industry. He can translate emotions to sounds so effectively as displayed in UMBRA which proves his position in this cutthroat music industry. Experience Orçun Ayata’s UMBRA. Check out this upcoming release on February 23! It is worth all this hype!

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