barber boy Drops “Moon Juice”: An absolute banger!

A rising artist from Christchurch is back to take the music industry by storm. barber boy – an aspiring artist in New Zealand’s hip-hop scene, solidifies his spot as one of the forces to watch out for with his latest track release entitled “Moon Juice“. Released on the 3rd of May this year, this track is everything barber boy is known for – cool and tight rhymes, cool and chill beats, and a clean flow that’s absolutely unique and his own.

Moon Juice” showcases barber boy’s growth as an artist. It is a track that exhibits the artist’s new found maturity on crafting his lyrics. The performance is absolutely sick; from the sound, to the delivery, and the lyrics – it’s absolutely great.


From his debut track “WALLACE” that was released in 2021, barber boy’s music definitely delivers a consistent great quality that definitely connects with the listeners. “Tight Lines Vol. 1,” was also released a year prior and the track also is no exception to its great sound quality. His tracks are consistently evolving and barber boy definitely does not shy away from the challenges to push his boundaries some more.


Ultimately, Moon Juice is an absolute banger. Do not sleep on this track. This track along with the song “Tight Lines Vol. 1” offers a different kind of hip-hop style yet delivers a great listening experience for the audience. One is chill, the other starts off classy but ending up with an absolutely great rap performance that would leave you wanting for more.

So go grab your device, check out barber boy – follow his socials for more updates on his music and don’t forget to check out Moon Juice, turn up the volume and get ready to be blown away by this absolutely great music! This is a release that you don’t want to miss!

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