13 Aces Goes Personal with the EP “1331”

13 Aces is back! This rising artist is again showcasing his great ability and potential through an EP called “1331.” Released on June 16th, this EP calls for a listen. This is refreshing, unique, and audaciously honest in delivering a story about challenges, uncertainties, and desires brought about by relationships. So, let’s go and have an in-depth exploration of this EP.

“Stay or Go” serves as an introductory track; this instantly sets the mood for “1331.” You will be welcomed by the great vocals in this track. They used cool voice effects to add color to the performance of this song. Bravo Ali, Mishijah, and 13 Aces made a perfect combination for this performance. Their vocals were strong and clear, but at the same time, they were light and crisp. This song is composed of cool and smooth beats that go along perfectly with carefully written and measured lines, which makes the whole delivery of the lyrics satisfying. This track is about the confusion state that one usually experiences in a relationship—the confusion of whether to stay or just leave an unhealthy connection. The repeated lyrics of “Should I stay or should I go?” in this track convey that message properly. Overall, this track is lit. Its repetitive tone and lyrics make it an easy yet refreshingly great listen.


Following strongly is the track “Gravity.” This track features clear vocals courtesy of the great performance of 13 Aces. This is an absolute banger! The delivery of lines is again very clear (what to expect? This artist is great! ), which makes the whole message and story of the track to be properly delivered to the listeners. This is a cool track that is a guaranteed head-bop! Along with this cool track is the song “Bluestrip.” This track also carries the same cool and refreshing vibe as the latter. While both are satisfyingly great listens, these tracks bring in a different kind of spice from each other. Gravity carries a good source of dirty beats and bass, while “Bluestrip” is on the lighter side. Regardless, these tracks were also top-notch and are worthy of being listened to like all the other tracks in this project.

Lastly, the lead track “No Ring” closes the whole scene for this EP. This track may somehow be a deviation from its usual spitfire on the other tracks. The song is like a slow dance—a slow revelation of 13 Aces’ story. His struggles and challenges were showcased in this track through carefully written lyrics that tell a story. “You left me puzzled like a jigsaw,” a great line to convey his frustration and confusion towards the situation his relationship is in. Despite this, the song also carries the message that all these struggles were done for the person who is dear to him. Indeed, what a way to end this good EP.


“1331” is like a book of revelations; it is a story of honest struggles and the resilience of a relationship. While it carries a heavy message, one can’t deny that 13 Aces has dropped a strong EP. It is nice to listen to, the delivery is spot on, the lyrics are well-written, and most of all, the whole production is just great. 13 Aces has great potential; his ability to skillfully navigate through each genre to properly convey a story is something to watch out for. 1331 is a project that will leave you wanting for more.

With this, be sure to check out “1331,” now available on Spotify for streaming. This is an EP that you surely wouldn’t want to miss. Follow 13 Aces on his social media accounts to get more updates about him and his future projects! 1331 by 13 Aces; add it to your favorites now!

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