Are you looking for new tracks to listen to, to celebrate the “middle of June”? USA-based artist 4K.Tone is here to serve you angsty and bop-py rap-hip-hop music with his second EP entitled The Return, Vol. 1. Released last June 17, 2024, this EP has head-bop-worthy songs in it and only needs 12 minutes of your time to listen to it entirely, so, if you needed a quick fix, this EP might be for you.

4K.Tone preaches about the different phases in life, from themes of hustling to bagging the girl of your dreams and showing her off to the world. With masterful lyrics and elating beats, you’ll surely be inspired to get up and get back to work on whatever you desire. This EP will give you the confidence to not give a flying sweet fudge to anyone around you and inspires you to do your own thang (as how they use this slang streetwise). 4K.Tone can easily bag a place in the song of the summer roster with his selection of carefully curated songs put together in a sickly sweet EP that is The Return, Vol. 1.


The first song from the EP entitled Big Money talks about putting on the work to achieve that dream and gain more opportunities through it. It is easy to listen to, to the point of making you jive along with its hypnotic beat and rhythm. The song is also really inspiring, a song worthy of being listened to while at the gym while you work your muscles off. This one can be dedicated to yourself, and to those people that surround you who have nothing to offer but doubt. Let them keep on doubting you, and show them who’s the real boss someday.


The songs Send the Lo, Alwayz On My Mind, Physical Thang, and Show You Off are songs that are perfect to dedicate to your muse. With its enthralling lyrics, sick beat, and energizing melody, it is a killer combo to swoon over the love of your life and earn more brownie points from them. Even though this is in the hip-hop/rap genre, the lyrics for these songs are as sincere as it can be. No sugarcoating that aspect. These songs also are as charismatic as they can ever be for a song. It has a charm on its own that’ll make your significant other blush for sure. This roster of four songs is a killer combo to dedicate to your girl…or guy.

As a closing for the EP, Stay Strong really made a strong impact and connection with us as we listen to it. The synth addition to the song completed the swag. It is an ode to oneself, to stay strong and endure it all, because, in the end, we will reap what we sow so all we need to do is to hold on and stay strong while we wait for our success to bloom in front of us.

This was 4K.Tone’s second EP, and we know that he’s cooking something grander for us in the near future. To join us in our anticipation for his next works, do not forget to follow him on his music streaming platform accounts and social media accounts, too! Did we already say he’s worth your 12-minute streaming time? What are you waiting for, go stream his EP now!

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