Flipping Through Stories with goodkitty’s Debut EP “Picture Albums”

There’s something undeniably magical about music that resonates with its listeners to the core. Sometimes, a song will come along and will tap directly into your emotions, playing the invisible strings into your soul making it so personal – making it feel like you are listening to your own untold story and unexpressed emotions through a song. And that is exactly what the music of goodkitty does to me.

goodkitty – the product of the creativity of the Chicago-area songwriter Katie Colt, is about to unleash its most awaited debut EP entitled “Picture Albums”, on the 9th of February. This is a six-track collection packed with artistry and a proof for Colt’s meticulous craftmanship as an artist. It showcases her skill and undeniable talent as a vocalist, pianist, guitarist, and producer.


Picture Albums is like a breath of fresh air from the usual music in the current airwaves. It is like being transported back in time because of the familiar and nostalgic sound brought by indie rock and catchy pop tunes of each track. What truly sets this music apart from everything else is its ability to speak directly into the listener’s soul. It speaks about Colt’s experience and resilience and the depths of her past relationships. Each song was a carefully crafted canvass that paints an album picture of something personal that are meant to touch ones emotions.

This EP is also defined by the delicate balance between Colt’s honest lyricism and her catchy melodies. Sabrina, the lead single for this EP, showcases this narrative best. Its lyrics, “You give me an inch / and all I can think of is / a million miles more” and “The kids are running in the yard / I’m swimming in my head / and drowning in my heart,” depicts an intensity of yearning for someone that you cannot have. I’d also like to put emphasis on my personal favorite, the track Ready to Grow. It could pass the soundtrack of my current journey through life. It served as a reminder that I should not be scared to move forward. This song felt like a gentle nudge to go on and despite of what is currently happening, everything is going to be okay, don’t just stay. Grow. Other tracks such as Red, Holding On To You, Better, and Memory Lane, expresses the same relatable themes. This refreshing portrayal of self-awareness and vulnerability fills this whole EP. It also acknowledges the pain of letting go and the anxiety of not knowing what’s about to happen, and it celebrates the idea of freedom from embracing new beginnings.


Just like for the rest of us, music is not just an entertainment for Colt, it is a form of therapy. “Sometimes it can feel so hard to get going, to move on, to assess things with clarity,” she acknowledges. “But we’ve all been there, and we’re all capable of moving forward on our own timelines.” She started her musical journey as a song writer when she was just a teenager. She mostly kept her works hidden but motherhood sparked her passion to pursue new heights. With the help of co-producer Andrew Arbetter, “Picture Albums” then came into life.

This is just the beginning! Picture Albums is just the sneak peek of what this Katie Colt can do with her skill and artistry. Mark your calendars, it’s February 9, 2024, pre-save “Picture Albums” and get ready to be swept off your feet from this artist, goodkitty!

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