San Diego-based artist JBOZ and Michigan-based artist Au Perry recently released an EP entitled A Different Place. Released last May 2, 2024, this EP will surely help you welcome the month of May in a cheery mood. With its enticing and electrifying beats and well-thought-out lyrics, it will surely be one of your next favorite things to play on Spotify.

A Different Place promises you the experience of stepping into a world beyond your wildest dreams, for it explores harmonious melodies and ethereal sounds that will transport you into a place wherein creativity reigns supreme. With an open mind, let the music guide you through the lush landscapes where every note tells a story of unity and hope.


This EP has six tracks in total, which it was strategically listed down to have a flawless transition with one another.

The EP opens with its first song A Different Place. This song immerses you in the sounds and experience of a musical journey like never before. A Different Place is a perfect song to accompany you when you feel a little bit down and lonely.

Odyssey, talks about the essence of growth, evolution, and resilience. This makes the track feel more human, relatable, and engaging with the listeners. It might also help you feel more motivated to work and do your best.


Seasons is the EP’s third song. Personally, it felt like the perfect NBA song. But aside from that, it also helps you remember that achieving your dreams doesn’t need a specific season for you to achieve them. Your dreams and goals are accessible at any time. Just as long as you persevere, nothing should stop you from doing so.

After Seasons comes Aura. The EP’s fourth song. Aura is that song that electrifies you in the middle of the EP. It will help you have your confidence boosted and will surely pick you up from a sour mood if ever you’re down before you listen to it. This song reminds you that you’re doing your best and don’t need to falter. Elevated will help you redirect your focus on your goals. With its upbeat melody and choice of words for lyrics, it will help you remember all your dreams and will push you to start working to achieve it.

For the EP’s last song Revival¸ it reminds you to just be authentic to yourself and that you are free to do whatever you want. You don’t need to satisfy other people’s hunger to listen to their judgements. You do you, buddy. The world is too insecure with theirselves that they won’t even notice if you fail for once.

It sure was a thrilling ride listening to this EP. To experience it yourself, make sure to check A Different Place on Spotify and follow the artists on their social media accounts!

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