Neo Phily: A fresh find brought by Alyssa Jane and SV

Boston-based producer “SV” and New England-based singer “Alyssa Jane” drop their debut collaboration, “Neo Phily.” Released on April 20, 2024, these artists crafted a captivating project that tackles themes close to the majority of audiences: the complexities of human emotions and growth. This project, which consists of eight beautifully crafted tracks, dives deep into self-reflection, the duality of our lives and expectations, as well as our constant pursuit of greatness and self-improvement.

From the start, “Neo Phily” establishes its vibe: This album is lit! Maybe because the album title can also be interpreted as “neophilia,” which means a tendency to like anything new, but this album delivers just that. This album is easily likable because of its captivating sounds, well-written lyrics, and top production. “Kerosene” serves as an introduction for this album; it sets the tone with Alyssa’s honest reflection on a life full of self-doubt while looking into ways to become great. The production by SV for this track is smooth and jazzy, which provides a great background that highlights the lyrics.


The album is a journey as it progresses; tracks like “Pressed” and “Leave” offer a vulnerability of feeling whenever someone feels stagnant and uncertain. Allysa’s vocals had laid bare all these emotions, and the production highlighted all these emotions, with its instrumentals put on a much moodier side.

“Trip on Me” and “Down to Zero” are tracks that explore relationships, their complexities, and the emotional vulnerabilities that they bring. Alyssa was able to show the listeners how she interacts with others through these tracks, which enables the audience to understand her imperfections and flaws as they go further and establish a connection.

However, as the album progresses, Neo Phily is not only about negatives such as struggles and anxiety. This album is also about resilience and growth. Alyssa successfully showcased all these through the latter half of the album, as presented in the tracks “How It’s Made” and “If You Been Bad.” These tracks are about confidence and self-affirmation; they also acknowledge the power of music to heal one’s self and its boost to overcome challenges.


Lastly, “Slow Motion” concludes this album in a much somber way. This track is packed with piano and soft beats that highlight the great vocals of Alyssa Jane. The lyrics of this track are about how a journey of self-discovery is always ongoing; it could be successful, and at some points, you will experience setbacks, but ultimately, all these are learning experiences that everyone must experience. This is a way to end the project with pure goodness.

Finally, Neo Phily is an album that is a treat for your ears. All of the tracks featured in this project are winners! This album is full of hooks that will surely be left on your mind as you go along with it. This album is an incredible display of the crafts and talent of Alyssa Jane and SV. With the undeniable chemistry of these artists, they have set the stage for a promising collaboration in the future. The production for this album is also flawless; SV really brought life to the music of Alyssa Jane. This album will definitely leave you wanting for more!

Check out “Neo Phily”! It is a must-listen! Available on all your favorite streaming platforms, so be sure to add it to your playlists! Don’t miss out on the artist’s updates as well, so be sure to follow SV and Alyssa Jane on their social media accounts to learn more about their releases.

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