Reaven’s Symphonic Revelation: Live Symphony Orchestra EP

Bonjour, music voyagers! It’s time to buckle up because Reaven is steering us through a symphonic masterpiece with their brand-new EP, “Live Symphony Orchestra.” Picture this: six tracks recorded live during a sold-out Symphony Orchestra concert in France—talk about epic and intense!

Meet Reaven—a quartet of musical maestros whose Pop/Rock prowess intertwined with a provocative electro flair takes you on a sonic odyssey. Romeo, the lead singer-guitarist, alongside Vince on drums, André on keys, and Rudy on bass, crafts an Indie Rock soundscape filled with potent melodies and a diverse exploration of musical realms. Their shows? Intense. Their lead vocals? Uniquely signature. And those vocal harmonies? Pure musical artistry.


Did you know they’re not just musical trendsetters? Reaven doubles as the ambassadors for the French jewelry brand, Sing A Song, unveiling their exclusive silver necklace collaboration, “Reaven x Sing A Song.” Their tunes are the melodic heartbeats behind the brand’s commercials, talk about musical synergy!

The EP begins with the concert intro—an orchestral prelude that’s nothing short of cinematic grandeur. It sets the stage for “Burning Night,” reimagined with the live Symphony Orchestra. This track resonates differently, vibrant with a newfound depth that captivates from the first note.

“Escape” follows suit, enhanced by pristine vocals and a spellbinding string section that elevates the live rendition into a transcendental experience. The recording quality? Utterly commendable, capturing every nuanced emotion.

“Memories” saunters in with a touch of melancholy, paving the way for “My City’s On Fire,” a spirited melody that blazes through with an upbeat tempo, showcasing the orchestra’s dynamic prowess.


And then, the grand finale—the outro, “For Tomorrow Song,” unfurls with orchestral swells that send shivers down your spine. A seamless blend of choirs and strings builds to a harmonious climax. The final track, a serene serenade, offers pure musical solace, transporting you to a tranquil haven.

This EP is an immersive odyssey. It transcends genres and captivates hearts, crafted by Reaven’s electrifying artistry entwined with the enchanting embrace of a live symphony orchestra.

Here’s where the magic truly lies: Reaven’s ability to transform their original tracks into orchestral marvels. The symphony doesn’t just accompany; it breathes life into every chord, infusing layers of emotion and depth into familiar tunes.

Each track is an adventure, a symphonic revelation that transcends boundaries. It’s not just about the instruments; it’s about the narrative they create—the emotions they stir and the stories they tell.

“Live Symphony Orchestra” Track List

Concert Intro & Burning Night
Electric Love
My City’s On Fire
Concert Outro & For Tomorrow Song

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