212ceilingface’s Dropped New EP ‘Thorns_Extended_Play’

Buckle up, music mavens, because Miles Erickson, the mastermind behind 212ceilingface, has just dropped a new EP Thorns_Extended_Play. And let me tell you, this Chicago/Nor-Cal artist isn’t holding back—this album’s a blend of vulnerability and avant-garde creativity and includes some of the artist’s best work.

212ceilingface‘s been a creative chameleon, bouncing from the Midwest to the West Coast, and that nomadic spirit seems to infuse every beat of his music. His latest EP, Thorns_Extended_Play focuses on themes of love and its many dimensions.


Let’s dissect this gem, shall we?

Eraserheads_” kicks things off with a delicious ’80s radio static vibe. The ethereal undertones pave the way for fire lyrics and a flow that’s just chef’s kiss perfect.

Then, hold onto your hats for “London Tipon.” It’s like a remix on steroids, laced with sparkling background music and an irresistible beat that’ll have you nodding like you’re agreeing with every note.

Now, “_mightaswell,” as the title suggests, might as well be a masterpiece. The intro teases with another track’s flavor, but then 212ceilingface’s lyrics hit you with the force of a musical tsunami. And that beat? Oh, it’s the kind that’ll sneak into your head and refuse to leave.


Next up, “honda ghosts.” This one’s a banger, folks. Angst-infused lyrics, an awesome beat, and a backdrop of vocal noise that takes bizarre to a whole new level. Trust me, you’ve never heard anything quite like it.

And just when you think you’ve figured out this musical maze, “adjust” strolls in. Soft, compressed beats groove alongside some seriously well-delivered vocals and flow. It’s a chill track that’ll leave you feeling like you’re floating through a cloud of creative genius.

But here’s the kicker: 212ceilingface‘s style isn’t your run-of-the-mill musical formula. Nope, this EP is a wild journey where a continuous background noise takes center stage, making it a style all its own. And let’s be real—that’s what makes it so darn interesting.

In the world of alt-hip-hop and genre-fluid tunes, 212ceilingface stands tall, embracing the heart of contemporary music with a fearless, free-spirited approach. Thorns_Extended_Play is a magnetic slice of artistry that’s bound to leave you craving more of Erickson’s captivating musical magic.

“Thorns_Extended_Play” Track List

London Tipon
honda ghosts

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