Post-Rock Revelations: Shipping Forecast’s ‘Chapter I: Becoming Cyclonic

Shipping Forecast drops anchor with their debut post-rock spectacle, “Chapter I: Becoming Cyclonic.” It’s a voyage you don’t want to miss. Imagine Sigur Ros, Mogwai, and Slowdive holding hands and doing a musical high-five. It adopts a progressive mentality and combines it with the sound world of post/alternative rock—that’s the vibe here!

Ah, Shipping Forecast—a band with more DIY mojo than a craft store on a caffeine high. Ben and Imogen are the ultimate multitaskers—writing, recording, mixing (with a sprinkle of Mark Walker magic), and even creating the visuals. Talk about an all-encompassing artistic commitment!


Chapter I: Becoming Cyclonic is an odyssey into the stormy seas of your own mind. It’s like embracing discomfort and saying, “Come at me, bro!” This EP isn’t about dodging pain; it’s about giving it a fist bump and discovering a silver lining.

The Shipping Forecast saga began in early 2023—a tale of escaping conformity and saying, “Adiós” to fitting in. Post-rock meets the teenage emo phase (we’ve all been there), and the result? A sound so big it could give Godzilla an existential crisis. And guess what? They’ve got vocals in a genre that usually speaks volumes through instruments alone!

Let’s unpack the soul of this EP! “Descendants” opens the symphony with a tranquil yet haunting melody. Its dreamy intro whispers echoes of a cinematic thriller—a perfect prelude. The vocals seamlessly blend into the genre, while the instrumentals build an immersive experience that’s tailor-made for headphone indulgence.

Moving on to “The Clown,” this track starts with a serene introduction before morphing into a roaring rock anthem. The haunting background vocals infuse an eerie aura, amplifying the song’s enigmatic vibe. Brace yourself for a bridge that hits with a punch!


Now, “In My Heart” A slow, dreamy start lulls you into tranquility, only to explode into a rocking midsection. This track is the EP’s crown jewel—an irresistible melody that hooks you in and refuses to let go.

But hold onto your earbuds, though—we’ve only skimmed the surface of this musical whirlpool. Trust me, there’s more to uncover. This EP’s like a box of chocolates, and you gotta taste it all!

Oh, and there’s a bonus: a spanking new music video for “Descendants“! Imagine visuals that complement this masterpiece—strap in for a feast for your eyes and ears!

Chapter I: Becoming Cyclonic Track List

The Clown
In My Heart

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