“Abominable Snowman” Sacramento-based Mexican/American rapper Showtime Ramon’s New Album

We all know that the rap scene is now crowded like a Friday night subway—everyone’s fighting for a seat, but few stand out. But this Sacramento-based Mexican/American rapper Showtime Ramon is not just aiming for the top tier—he’s out to carve his own path through the chaos with his latest album, “The Abominable Snowman“.

Abominable Snowman isn’t just a bunch of tracks thrown together; it’s a musical mosaic showcasing Ramon’s versatility and lyrical wizardry as he aims for the MC Hall of Fame. For Ramon, hip-hop’s not just beats and rhymes; it’s a platform for creation and self-expression. It’s like his personal Olympics; every day’s practice, refining his craft, and sharpening his lyrical sword to stand out in the icy wilderness of the music scene.


Picture this: Ramon’s pen game is like a finely tuned instrument, constantly evolving, adding layers to his lyrical arsenal. Writing tunes every day? That’s his secret sauce, a recipe for self-improvement to be the best darn artist he can be. The cover art for this album is like a visual representation of his feels—a lone wolf in pursuit of greatness, freezing out there in the wilderness of the music world. Let’s talk team-ups! With only two features, Ramon’s picked his partners-in-rhyme wisely. Pam Grier brings in Chuuwee, and DDP features Freetown, creating a rap dream team that elevates the beats to another stratosphere.

Alright, diving into the tracks! “Jack Johnson” kicks things off with a beat that’s as unique as finding a unicorn in your backyard and some weird glitter sound in the background (it’s pretty cool though). The album boasts top-tier production that harmonizes seamlessly with Showtime Ramon’s vocals. This track is proof of creativity, and meticulous recording, elevating the lyrical delivery to new heights. Ramon is delivering scorching verses, drawing inspiration from the legendary Jack Johnson, the first black heavyweight boxing champion. It’s a homage wrapped in blazing lyrics, riding on a killer beat.


Then comes “Gods Gift,” with lyrics hotter than a habanero pepper, packed with raw emotion and a message about rising above the drowning waves of the world. And then, “Crossface,” one of Ramon’s favorites, where his performance is straight fire. The flow’s smooth like silk, blending seamlessly with the beats. “Mark Henry” brings the vibes of the world’s strongest man, a tribute to the 2x Olympian and WWE Hall of Famer. And let’s not forget “DDP,” a nod to the wrestling legend Diamond Dallas Page.

But hey, no spoilers here! This album’s a treasure chest waiting for you to uncover its gems. Trust me, it’s a whole blazing inferno that deserves a spot in every rap enthusiast’s playlist. From the raw power of Showtime Ramon‘s verses to the intricate dance between vocals and production, this album is proof of dedication, creativity, and the unyielding pursuit of musical greatness. The Abominable Snowman is an exhilarating expedition into the heart of rap’s evolution—may it carve its place in the rap hall of fame!

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