Black Elder Just Released His New EP “Guck mich nicht an!1!1”

Berlin-based metalcore artist Black Elder just released this beast, his recent EP drop titled “Guck mich nicht an!1!1” (Don’t look at me!1!1). This compact yet powerful three-track EP doesn’t hold back— it’s a raw, brutal and unfiltered glimpse into the harsh realities of life, showing what tough times can sound like, but also how they can make you stronger. Crafting a relatable, emotionally charged piece can involve diving deep into personal experiences. Consider it like mixing colors to create a vibrant painting, but instead, you’re blending emotions and sounds to craft an impactful musical masterpiece. It seems like black_elder’s EP serves as a canvas for expressing raw emotions, giving voice to feelings often left unsaid.

This EP is like the side dish to the upcoming full-length album, a little appetizer that’s got its own punch. Black Elder’s goal? To show the world what their suffering might sound like in musical form. The songs in this EP are like a journey through tough times—each track paints a picture of suffering and battling through those really hard moments. It’s like a musical story about pain, but also about finding something meaningful in that pain when it eases up.


Behind Black Elder is Tom Haberland, a musician who’s pouring his deepest emotions into this EP. Moving to Berlin helped him find a place where people get what he’s doing. His music talks about feeling really bad, being sad, and dealing with tough feelings like depression.

The EP kick off with “C:/oncrete_feet,” a track that’s pure heavy metal goodness. You’ll want to lock your door, crank up the volume, and let this firestorm of sound take over. It’s raw, bold, and packs a punch. Then there’s “Rip_and.tear,” another standout with impressive production, highlighting black_elder’s powerful vocals. You can feel the passion in these songs, they’re well-crafted and emotionally charged. Finally, “Straigt_to_the.end” intensifies the emotions of despair and anger, delivering a raw and powerful experience.

But hey, even amidst all this musical chaos, black_elder’s got plans for the future! They’re eyeing live shows in Germany this year, eager to see how their music resonates in the wild, electrifying space of a live performance.


Now, let’s talk timing. The EP was supposed to debut with a bang on December 29, ’23, but guess what? The distributor pulled a sneaky move, and it unexpectedly dropped on January 4, ’24, catching everyone off guard! A surprising turn of events for the fans, but hey, good music is always worth the unexpected wait, don’t you agree?

Stay tuned for more metal mayhem from Black Elder. This EP is just a taste of what’s to come, and if you’re into headbanging metalcore, emotions poured into music, and a journey through the darkness, then this is the ticket you’ve been waiting for!

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