Fresh from Larando Suave: An Epic Album “Secret Garden”

The current hip-hop tracks in the trend follow a certain formula for it to become successful, and Larando Suave made a bold move to step away from the trend and create his own unique sound. “Secret Garden” is a collection of 12-track songs dropped last April 20, 2024, that showcases the musicality of Larando Suave as an artist, it is packed with a masterful blend of unique unexpected elements – cool beats, sexy instrumentation, and playful, modern, and chill sensibility on its lyrics – pushing the boundaries of hip-hop, defying all the expectations.

Secret Garden” sounds very easy to listen to. The music and delivery are just effortless. It is so smooth that the sound and story on each song just glide in on the carefully placed instrumental arrangements done by Suave’s team. This album is just different from the current trend because of its unique and playful way of showcasing a story through the song. It highlights Larando Suave’s prowess in writing compelling lyrics as well as how technical it is done as throughout the whole album, it can be observed how effortless and carefully measured all the lines and deliveries were making the song and the lyrical contents work perfectly.


The first track of the album is the song, “Wi-Fi OG“, it is an absolute head bop! The song showcases carefully measured lyrics that perfectly rhyme with its great production, it all made the song a great opener. It sets the mood for what to expect on the next tracks in the album. This track highlighted the vocal prowess of Suave and combined with subtle sound effects in the production, it definitely added drama to the track. “Cat Daddy” and “Loop 2” are two different spicy tracks, but they have some things in common. It is sexy, it simmers with an electrifyingly chill vibe as it is highlighted by its dirty beats making the tracks cool and really intense.

There is no denying that in this album, Suave has perfectly showcased his versatility. This was also highlighted on the track “Dope Yacht” which was impeccable. Impeccable because of its beats. Impeccable because of its timed elements. On the other hand, “Mint Tea (Over Ice)” just shows off Suave’s signature musicality: chill, fueled with good and smooth melodies from classy horns and strings.

Sunday” is a definite switch. The track embraces acoustic sounds in its intro but you have to wait for its surprise: heavy synths and cool bass at the middle of the track wherein Suave’s vocals and clean delivery cut through the music. The addicting sound of the classic horn on the intro of “King of Tigers” does justice to its intense track. It brims with so much intensity and energy which can also be punctuated through its carefully chosen lines which make it more addictive.


Continuing with the addictive qualities of this album, the track “Cat Daddy 2” offers a different quality with its intensified seductive vibe which was amped with the sultry female vocals in the background. The album also showcases the hip-hop capabilities of Suave on the track “Panther Cub (Sub)” as he delivers punchy lines through heavy bass, synths, and masterfully crafted lines which makes the whole listening experience satisfyingly great.

The album ends with three additional tracks which were remixes of the tracks in this album entitled “Mint Tea (Over Ice) – Remix”, “King of Tiger – Remix”, and “Cat Daddy 2 – Remix” which are all equally awesome additions to the album. These tracks are evidence that Suave is not scared to showcase his capabilities as an artist and producer inviting more listeners through these standout tracks.

In totality, “Secret Garden” is a masterfully crafted and written album. As observed in its satisfying lyrics, lines, and delivery, one can see how this album was carefully placed. From each element of the instrumentation, production, and lyrics, to the careful delivery and heartfelt singing and rapping, it’s just great. This album is an absolute banner. Larando Suave showcased a different side of RnB and hip-hop music that is playful yet strong; intense yet sultry.

If you’re a fan of feel-good music as showcased through sick beats and carefully written lines delivered in a very technical and addictive rhyme. Then, Larando Suave’s album Secret Garden is perfect for you. This is a great listen and it will surely offer a listening experience that you won’t easily forget. The album is now available on Spotify, so don’t forget to like, stream, and share. Follow Larando Suave’s socials to learn more about this artist and keep updated with his new releases and music.

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