Classic Rock Resurgence: Heartshaker’s ‘Eostre’ EP Marks a Stirring Evolution


Heartshaker’s “Eostre” EP is a sonic voyage into the soul of Norwegian rock, an offering from five passionate souls based in Bergen—Lennart, Elias, Bjørn Arild, Haino, and Franco. Their collective adoration for rock pulsates through this EP, adorned with mid-tempo, melodic tunes that draw inspiration from a diverse range of genres as they strive to carve out their unique musical identity.


Embracing the essence of retro 70s-80s genres, Heartshaker delivers an impactful yet emotive rock experience that emanates straight from the heart. There’s a profound melancholic touch embedded within their melodic yet powerful rock compositions.

Released on November 10, 2023, “Eostre” stands tall with three audacious tracks, marking a pivotal transition toward a more refined, delicate, and characteristic sound. A fusion of 90s rock vibes blended with a contemporary touch underscores the EP, showcasing the band’s undeniable chemistry, both in their performance and their sound. Heartshaker’s synergy is evident, each member seamlessly complementing the others’ musical genres, resulting in a cohesive yet diverse musical landscape.

“Who Wants to Be Normal” kicks off the EP, resonating with anyone who’s ever felt the allure of solitude amidst a world clamoring for conformity. The track boldly questions the concept of normalcy, advocating for the beauty of standing out in a crowd.

“These Eyes” seduces with a slow, haunting guitar intro, delving into the bitterness and rage that arise from encounters with deceitful individuals. The track’s emotional depth resonates through its powerful lyrics.

“Created To Die” unveils a melancholic ambiance through a piano-led intro, encapsulating the essence of the genre with raw vocals and poignant lyrics. Lines like


“If you wanted heaven, why put me through hell? Time’s up, baby, I’m not gonna lie. Everything was created to die”

echo the EP’s emotional core.

Heartshaker’s chemistry is palpable; each member seamlessly complements the others, crafting a musical synergy that permeates every note. Their dedication and passion resonate throughout the EP, manifesting in a sound created with genuine love and honesty.

The EP encapsulates a distinct ’90s rock vibe intertwined with modern influences, offering a fresh perspective to the contemporary rock scene. Heartshaker emerges as a beacon of innovation, infusing a retro essence into the fabric of modern rock.

“Eostre” is more than an EP; it’s the culmination of relentless effort and dedication. Blood, sweat, and tears paved the path to this musical creation, a labor of love for themselves and their supporters. Heartshaker believes they’ve unearthed their true sound—more mature, delicate, and undeniably rock.

Heartshaker’s “Eostre” EP is a soulful narrative, a testament to growth, passion, and a commitment to forging a unique musical legacy. This EP is their proclamation—a resounding declaration that they’re here to leave an indelible mark on the world of modern rock.

Who Wants to Be Normal
These Eyes
Created To Die

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