Beyond Rock: Ikevald’s ‘Modern Mythology’ Redefining Music

In a world of constant change, Ikevald’s latest album, “Modern Mythology,” arrives as a vibrant reflection of resilience and progress. This 13-track journey blends modern rock with shamanistic and folk elements, inviting listeners to face today’s reality with a grin and find comfort amidst the madness.

Crafted for those bold enough to confront life’s challenges with a smile, “Modern Mythology” encapsulates Rannap’s vision of fearlessness and evolution in an ever-changing world. The album pulses with an invitation to embrace life’s mysteries, flaws, and joys. As Rannap puts it, 


“We need courage and inspiration more than ever to live to the fullest – to be joyful and fearless – and accept this mystery of life, with all its vices and with joy,”

Collaborating with bandmates Oskar Malleus, Valdur Viiklepa, and Sten Loov, Ikevald Rannap has created an album that defies boundaries, both in sound and reach. Co-produced by Tõnis Noevere, “Modern Mythology” features a diverse lineup of guest musicians from Estonia, Finland, America, and Denmark, weaving a rich tapestry of sounds and influences.

While primarily a rock album, “Modern Mythology” offers more than the standard fare. Alongside rock-centric tracks, Ikevald ventures into an acoustic vibe, crafting smooth melodies using only acoustic guitars and piano in compositions like “Lightning Bolt,” “Near,” “Blame It On The Stars,” and “Hungry.” This diverse mix underscores Ikevald’s versatility and commitment to pushing musical boundaries within the rock genre.


The track “Shake It Up“, “Wisdom Stone” and “Walk Through Fire” embodies the spirited essence of 90’s rock, featuring an upbeat sound complemented by expertly mastered vocals and an impressive song structure.

Ikevald had innovative approach for “Modern Mythology” in the world of rock. Blending the essence of rock with contemporary sensibilities and leveraging cutting-edge instrumental technologies, Ikevald creates a sonic landscape that resonates with traditional rock lovers while attracting those seeking new, genre-defying sounds.

For rock enthusiasts seeking an escape from the ordinary and a journey into musical innovation, “Modern Mythology” beckons. Ikevald Rannap’s bold musical expedition offers a resounding call to embrace the complexities of today’s world fearlessly, all while grooving to an exhilarating blend of modernity and tradition.

Modern Mythology Track List
Shake It Up
Lightning Bolt
Posses Me
Wisdom Stone
Blame It On The Stars
Walk Through Fire
Fake It ‘Til You Break IT
Damage Control

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