HVSHI’s ‘Beautiful, Broken’: A Pop-Punk Symphony of Resilience and Passion

Something extraordinary is hitting the music scene! HVSHI, the dynamic pop-punk duo is unleashing their upcoming album, “Beautiful, Broken,” set to drop on December 15th. Get ready to embrace a musical journey that redefines beauty in brokenness and champions the strength within.

Originally the brainchild of solo artist Shaden Nugent, HVSHI now encompasses the talent of Davey Banks as well. Pronounced “Haw-shee,” it has Choctaw native roots, drawing inspiration from the sun, light, and lunar cycles. Their statement about the upcoming album resonates deeply: “It’s okay to be broken, and there’s beauty in that.” Through this mantra, they champion the resilience of the human spirit, weaving a narrative that celebrates life’s jagged edges.


Hailing from the West Coast and initially making waves in the emo-rap scene, HVSHI has recently ventured into the pop-punk domain, resonating with enthusiasts of State Champs, Lil Lotus, and even Blackbear. Their music is an eclectic blend of pop-punk, blues, and hip-hop, drawing inspiration from the mid-west emo movement, igniting a spirit of vitality and relatability in their audiences.

Beautiful, Broken wasn’t crafted in a day. It’s the culmination of years of dedication and relentless effort, with the duo spending countless hours honing their craft.

This album captures the essence of youthful love, the pains of growing, and the art of moving forward from unforeseen adversities. It encapsulates the rollercoaster of emotions amidst life’s ups and downs, a beautiful yet sometimes tumultuous journey that demands self-discovery.

The album kicks off with “BWYT” (Boxing With Your Tongue), a mesmerizing blend of pop-punk hooks and rap-style verses that resonate with raw authenticity. Its relatable lyrics about finding solace in someone who shares similar struggles set the tone for an exhilarating musical expedition.


Following suit is “One Night,” maintaining the pop-punk essence but with a heavier instrumental vibe that serenades your eardrums with musical prowess. “Brightside” follows suit with an invigorating groove and pop-punk flair, delivering a battle cry of optimism through rap-infused verses that’ll have you nodding in agreement.

“Keep On Waiting” enchants us with its lively melody and heavier pop-punk composition, paving the way for the grandeur of the title track, “Beautiful, Broken.” This anthem boasts powerful drums and a robust sound palette while delivering poignant lyrics that resonate deeply.

Now, I won’t spoil the entire album experience; that’s your treat on December 15th! But mark my words, this isn’t your run-of-the-mill album. “Beautiful, Broken” might just be the answer when someone asks for an album with an unskippable track. Get ready for this musical masterpiece that’ll undoubtedly find a permanent spot in your playlist. Trust me, you won’t regret it!

Beautiful, Broken Track List

One Night
Keep On Waiting
Beautiful, Broken
Hype House (Ft. Ghost Heart)
1995 (Ft. LASKO)
Street Light
U + Me (pt. 2)
Occupy Me
I Still Miss U
Paint My Life

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