Rat Race to the Top: Subway Rat’s ‘Captain of the Football Team’

Hey there music buffs! David Polanco, aka Subway Rat, just dropped a bombshell. His second album ‘Captain of the Football Team‘ just crashed the party, and it’s more rebellious than a rodent raiding a cheese factory! This 10-track album hits the streets right before we flipped the calendar to 2024.

Remember his successful debut album ‘Stand Clear Of The Closing Doors’ that hit the million-stream mark? Well, ‘Captain of the Football Team‘ is revving up to kick it up a notch!


Subway Rat’s new singles ‘Outta Town,’ ‘Hope,’ and ‘Moon‘ were just teasers, but let me tell you, people have been stirring up the pot with countless streams. And now, with the full album, Subway Rat’s gone all-out, revealing layers of musical masterpiece that’ll leave you hooked.


Captain of the Football Team—a break-up power pop anthem with a side order of NYC alternative charm—was crafted in Lounge Studios under the watchful eye of Subway Rat himself and released under his own label Rat Tooth Records. The vibe? Think hi-fi production meshed with musical creativity and underground lo-fi vocals. It’s like a unique blend of comfort food that’ll tug at your heartstrings and get your head bopping.

Subway Rat’s poured his soul into this—a fusion of pop, rock, and hip-hop vibes inspired by post-punk legends, soulful tunes, strokes of Strokes brilliance, and a sprinkle of hip-hop essence. And the man’s got a knack for storytelling, turning life experiences into over a hundred songs! From a bit of trumpet in 7th grade to dance moves, he’s now cooking up tunes with Grammy-winning engineers. Talk about a glow-up!

And guess what? Subway Rat’s music isn’t staying local—it’s hitting the global airwaves. Tune in from the UK to Brazil, Mexico, and Argentina. This Rat’s causing quite the commotion! Subway Rat’s ready to whisk you away on a musical masterpiece that’s wilder than a rat race in the Big Apple!

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