AJ Vergo’s ‘Options’ EP: A Blend of Afro-Pop Vibes and Catchy Beats

Let’s talk about music that sparks a vibe and keeps the rhythm grooving! Anthony Chijioke Uzoegbu, also known as AJ Vergo, recently dropped his debut EP, “Options,” a collection where he pours his heart and soul into each track. It’s a 5-track masterpiece weaving through themes of love, heartbreak, and life experiences, capturing AJ Vergo’s dedication to versatility and musical creativity.

AJ Vergo, or as he likes to call himself, the maestro of Afropop X Pop, has launched this EP like a rocket into the hearts of dance music lovers.


Options is a musical cocktail blended with love, heartbreak, and life experiences. It’s like a groovy journey through a theme park of emotions, and AJ Vergo is your animated tour guide.

I mean, this guy goes by the name AJ Vergo, and trust me, he’s offering quite a range of options in this EP. From groovy beats that’ll make you jump like there’s no tomorrow to tunes that’ll have you slow dancing in your room, AJ Vergo’s got something for every mood.

Options kicks off with “Amaka,” a beat that’s so catchy it could probably make a penguin dance. It’s the kind of song that’ll have you shuffling your feet even while you’re brushing your teeth. And mark my words, this tune might just set TikTok on fire one day with a viral dance challenge.

Now, “Che Che” comes in, slowing things down a notch. It’s like the perfect track for a late-night drive or a cozy hangout with your pals. You’ll find yourself swaying to the rhythm without even realizing it.


Cheryl Oh” – now, this track is like a musical vacation to a zamba paradise. It’s got this wonderful jazzy guitar vibe that’ll make you close your eyes and imagine yourself at an exotic beach party.

But hey, I’m not about to spill all the beans here! There’s more magic waiting for you in this EP. Trust me, it’s like an adventure where every song is a hidden treasure. I’d tell you more, but where’s the fun in that? You’ve gotta press play and let AJ Vergo take you on this musical  ride.

So, if you’re into tunes that make you want to groove, songs that match every mood, or beats that just won’t leave your head (in a good way, of course), AJ Vergo’s Options EP is a must-add to your playlist. It’s the perfect blend of chill vibes and danceable tunes. Now, go ahead, hit play, and let the music take you on a journey you won’t forget!

Options Track List

Che Che
Cheryl Oh
Favour Gbedu

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