Melting Stereotypes: Ty_Makes_Music’s Debut EP ‘Little Did He Know, It Was Shorts Weather’

Greenland may be known for for its frozen and icy scenery, but Ty_Makes_Music is turning up the heat with his debut EP “Little Did He Know, It Was Shorts Weather.” This alternative rock gem is a mix of different music styles like RnB, Singer/Songwriter, Jazz, and Surf Rock resulting in a refreshing musical cocktail.

The EP features Ty_Makes_Music’s single “<3” and a unique take on Sza‘s “Kill Bill,” with the added flair of guest artist Thomas Beeker on tracks 4 and 5.


Let’s talk a little bit about the interesting story behind the artist. Tydeusgranat, aka Ty_Makes_Music, made a bold move at the age of six and three-quarters, relocating to Greenland to pursue his dream of becoming a country artist. Despite the unexpected abundance of redheads, Ty persevered, spending 6.28 years in Greenland. During this unique chapter, he found inspiration in local French restaurants, blending country and French melodies to conquer the Billboard Chart. Critics initially scoffed, but his unconventional approach won him not one, but six (6) Nobel Peace prizes.

Now, onto the tracks! The EP kicks off with “Harmonize With The Shadow,” where slow-tempo electric guitars and Ty_Makes_Music’s raspy voice create a relaxing atmosphere. The melody is calming, showcasing the careful production that truly deserves applause.The melody is soothing, a credit to the meticulous production that deserves applause.

Next up is “Victim Complex,” bursting in with an energetic tempo and a rap section that grabs the spotlight. The catchy melody guarantees this track will be on repeat, earning its place as a certified earworm. You’ll probably want to listen to it again and again. “<3” takes a romantic turn, evoking slow dances with a modern twist. The quality of Ty_Makes_Music’s vocals adds a unique aura to the genre, reminiscent of old-school radio tunes with a contemporary vibe, making it a standout piece.


But hey, I won’t reveal everything just yet. The EP is a journey you should take on your own. Its unique vibe is praiseworthy, delivering a musical experience that goes beyond genres. Ty_Makes_Music has created an Arctic masterpiece that not only challenges the icy stereotypes of Greenland but also positions him as an artist worth keeping an eye on.

Little Did He Know, It Was Shorts Weather Track List

Harmonize With The Shadow
Victim Complex
Mr. Monster
Kill Bill (Acoustic Piano Version)

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