ORNAMENT AND CRIME is on to something great! This Los Angeles-based duo formed by Alex Kemp (Producer), and Bill Delia (Drummer), is taking the airwaves by surprise. With their unique music that combines electronic synth-craft, and captivating vocals, get ready for a ride like no other. This album is all glimmers and disco balls. ORNAMENT AND CRIME – ONES – an album showcasing talents from various artists is scheduled to sweep everyone off their feet. Scheduled to drop this February 16th, you definitely mark your schedules for it.

Do you enjoy listening to the new music of Paramore? If yes, 10 out of 10, you will enjoy this album. I’ll tell you later why. Imagine being on the dancefloor where disco meets the glimmers and shines of synthpop. Fun, right? This is the type of vision that you will picture when you listen to these tracks. Each track in this album is filled with unique craftsmanship made by the duo. This is a fusion of indie rock and danceable music which will continuously keep your head bopping while you listen to the tracks. It is also packed with powerful female vocals that feature different strengths of different artists showcased in the collaborations.


And so, to start the disco ball from rolling, here comes “On and On”. This track offers a great blend of synths that goes along with the indie danceable rock sound that could subtly make you move your feet. It is the type of music that you can imagine playing as a soundtrack for the hit series “Stranger Things”. The vocal prowess of Cadeaux sounds oddly calming and it compliments the whole production of the track so well. It is laid-back and dreamy, and you’ll find yourself aggressively repeating the track on and on.

I’ll Never Love You is a hauntingly beautiful track. It sparks with nostalgia. The vocals of the talented female singer are just top-notch. Her voice adds enough drama to the whole track which compliments the synths and the beats that it features. Each note was carefully crafted and placed which resulted in a production that felt and sounded both familiar and fresh. The track, like other tracks in this album, will transport you back to the time when music was both catchy and innovative. It feels like a wash of nostalgia but hearing it in a much more futuristic sense.

Now with the song, “The Only Girl Living in LA” – which hits really close to my heart. This is my favorite track in this whole selection of goodness. Listening to it felt really familiar, it was as if the song was speaking to my soul. The line, “Don’t need no one to take me home, like the way I feel on my own” is an oddly specific line that I like. The heavy point on synth guitar and drumbeats adds to the dramatic effect of the song which I really really like. It tackles the solace and sadness that you feel in being alone. Let me just say that this track? It’s power.

Walking Toward The Sun (feat. Dana Williams) on the other hand takes a slightly different turn from its other tracks. This song felt really heavy on my first listen. It felt really depressing – yet that’s the beauty that this song holds. This track tackles the reality of sadness that you’ll feel in life. Specifically, the line, “We might waste time but we know life, it comes and go” captures the point of the song. The focus on piano accompanied by slow and calming beats that are featured on this track seals the perfection of this track. Definitely a worthy song to be added to one’s playlist.

Back to this album’s danceable side with the track “Thinking Of You” (ft. Tiki Lewis). This track oozes with energy through its catchy melodies of a bass guitar, and catchy guitar riffs that pop off creating an irresistible track. Tiki Lewis did a great job of adding another unique element to the track with their amazing vocal ability. Vibe check? Definitely PASSED!

This next track gave me an assignment to think about in life – Give a Little Love is a song that has lyrics that ask the right questions and say the right words. There are tracks that could make you question life, and this is a song that can be counted as one. Its line, “What do we hold on to, when we can’t hold on?” The existential crisis is real.

Remember when I mentioned Paramore? This is why I mentioned the infamous band related to this album (No pun intended!). Sparks in the Air ft. (the amazing) Cadeaux gives off the same kind of vibe. Yet again, the production and the craft in this track are really top-notch and definitely will make you put this song on repeat. DRUMS AND BEAT CLEAR VOCALS LYRICS. On the other hand, Hold Me Now (feat. Island Police) is calming to listen to. The quiet and calming vibe of island police adds spice to the calming beats and synths of the song. Listening to it feels like being transported back to the old times yet it discusses an issue about love that stirs close to our hearts which makes this song quite relatable.

“You’re a Mess” which for a lack of better description, is a beautiful mess. It is packed with the signature sound of the duo Ornament and Crime. The whole production sounds messy (in a good way) yet the calm and collected vocals of the female artist balance the whole track. It is quite easy to remember this track since the line, “You’re a Mess” is continuously being repeated throughout the song adding the effect and drama of the whole track. Moreover, the track “Bad Advice” gives off a fun and catchy vibe. It pops off with an uplifting tone that freshens you from the other tracks in this album. The vocals of this track, as usual, are high quality and are so clear, it’s just so easy to listen to it.

And now for another showcase of masterful storytelling – You Make Me Feel and Feel It All (ft. Cadeaux) enters the show. With each vocalist’s distinct voice and style, you can expect to be taken into a different dimension as you listen to this song. Both showcase a stunning performance as the producers of these tracks can stitch music to the vocalist’s unique strengths making the whole thing powerful and authentic. However, No Other Lover offers a different tone. It has a modern slow chill vibe that sets it apart from its sibling tracks. The smooth, groovy, and relatable lyrics make it stand out, demonstrating the versatility of Ornament and Crime.

Finally, the “Sage”, is a worthy finale track for this album. It is a track with a classic finesse that is beautifully wrapped into a modern track. This track leaves a lasting impression showcasing the ability of the producers to blend different kinds of genres perfectly. The expertly crafted vocals and production of this track highlight the skill and artistry of Ornament and Crime.

Listening to ORNAMENT AND CRIME is literally just experience. They are unique, and the way they experiment using their own personal style sets them apart from other artists who do not try to go outside the box of their comfort. They are fearless in experimenting with their music and created these well-crafted and skillfully made tracks in an album. ORNAMENT AND CRIME is a real deal. Check them out and this newly released album ONES. Streaming on all major platforms! Don’t miss out on all this gloriousness! Ciao.


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