Lil Flower Nasti Blooms with Explosive Debut Album “Sticky”

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Set your schedules straight, because Lil Flower Nasti, a terrific Bay Area-based vocalist, is about to drop her electrifying debut album, “Sticky“. The album is an 11-track collection loaded with the artist’s great sense of musicality, and to highlight this big success, everyone is invited to a party in the grand release show happening at San Francisco’s North Beach on Tupelo’s first Friday (April 5th)!

EXPLOSIVE. There’s no better way to describe this album. “Sticky” is just a music mastery in every best possible way, Lil Flower Nasti – bow down to the queen – has definitely shown her absolute awesomeness as a singer with her irresistible swag, soulful R&B, and electrifying funky energy. Her unique ability to translate emotions through her singing will leave you wanting for more. She made the whole singing sound so effortless, and spoiler alert, trust me, it is NOT easy.


The album is loaded with 11 beautiful tracks from visionary producer Gennessee. The album is the product of a two-year effort, passion, dedication, and unwavering commitment of their team to create music that resonates with the timeless and soul-touching essence of old-school soul.

This is more than just an album; it is a collection of carefully crafted music and words, a vision that was once their team had, and through their collective efforts and the prowess of Lil Flower Nasti’s vocals, the vision has now become a reality. This album is a promising release as it guarantees a hundred percent pass on the vibe check! It’s audacious, it is honest, it is unique, and it is definitely great.

Standout tracks are the title track “Sticky” a fiery anthem dedicated to those who show determination under pressure, and also a reflection of an exhilarating experience of fame. The irresistible “Bye Bye Boy (Ft. Z-Man) features and highlights the amazing vocal prowess of the artist, and “Do Anything” is a song about empowerment, triumph, and resilience.

The title “Sticky” absolutely can definitely keep you hooked throughout the music in this album. It is addicting in a very good way. The whole music experience in this album will leave you with a lingering impression of the music that Lil Flower Nasti has. Each song offers a different type of experience, the more you dive into it the more you’ll get mesmerized with the craft that they have made. This album shows how fearless the artist and her team were in exploring different genres of music. It also shows how great her abilities were as a vocalist. The tenacity of her artistry and her team is a force to be reckoned with, as proven through their fearless embrace and interpretations of the songs with different influences.


“Sticky” and Lil Flower Nasti will stick and have an unforgettable name in the music industry. With her unique style and great vocals, her music is a breath of fresh air with all these copy-and-paste pieces of music that are now on trend. Do not sleep on this – go and have your listen! “Sticky” will be released on April 5th! Don’t miss their grand release party and have a chance to meet the artist and her team at a show happening at San Francisco’s North Beach on Tupelo’s first Friday!

Prepare your ears as this is going to be an experience.

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