Zion Gamez Drops New Single ‘Pebrero 29’: A Leap Day Lovestory

Zion Gamez has once again graced our ears with his latest single, “Pebrero 29”. If you recall, we recently featured this talented artist for his track “Tita of Manila”, and it seems he’s back with another gem. Originating from Oriental Mindoro and hailing all the way from South Korea where he works as an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW), Zion Gamez proves that distance is no barrier to his passion for music. This time, he collaborates with the rising indie singer-songwriter Kaya to deliver this awesome acoustic track.

The song’s story revolves around the intriguing concept of February 29th, a date that appears on the calendar only once every four years. What if February 28th and February 29th were like individuals in a relationship? What if they deeply cared for each other, yet could only reunite once every leap year? Is fate to blame for such sporadic encounters? “Pebrero 29” beautifully captures the essence of love intertwined with the art of waiting.


In the lyrics, Zion Gamez poetically portrays the cyclical nature of leap years, where an extra day is added to the calendar every four years. This “Isang Araw,” personified as a fleeting entity, symbolizes the longing for a loved one’s presence, only to vanish shortly thereafter. The chorus echoes the sentiment of patience and devotion, as the protagonist eagerly anticipates the return of their beloved on this rare date.

The simplicity of the melody complements the lyrics, creating a serene ambiance that tugs at the heartstrings. Zion Gamez’s soulful vocals, accompanied by Kaya’s delicate harmonies, evoke a sense of longing and yearning. They created a masterpiece that transcends language barriers and speaks directly to the heart through its gentle acoustic strains.


May Pebrero 29 serve as a reminder that love knows no bounds, transcending time and distance. Much like the leap year phenomenon, love may require patience and endurance, but its essence remains eternal. Through his music, Zion Gamez invites us to ponder the complexities of love and the beauty found in moments of waiting.

Pebrero 29 stands as proof of Zion Gamez‘s talent as a storyteller and musician. With its heartfelt lyrics, soul-stirring melody, and emotive vocals, this single is sure to capture the hearts of listeners everywhere. The analogy of leap years as a metaphor for love is beautifully articulated, adding depth to the interpretation of the song.

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