Musical Hug Alert: Austin Willacy Drops New EP ‘Gonna Be Alright’

Singer/songwriter Austin Willacy just dropped his lastest EP, “Gonna Be Alright,” and it’s like a musical buffet you won’t wanna skip! Imagine this: a mix of soulful vibes and foot-tapping beats – it’s basically Austin sprinkling his magic, and we’re here for it. So, let’s spill the tea on these five tracks. And get this, Austin teamed up with Grammy-winning Rich Jacques. It’s like Batman and Robin, but with guitars and smooth vocals.

Meet Austin Willacy, a musical maestro with a 22-year career, directing the acclaimed teen a cappella group ‘Til Dawn and rocking as a veteran of The House Jacks. With 10 albums and global tours under his belt, Austin is more than a singer/songwriter – he’s an award-winning force whose soulful tunes have graced films and TV shows like “The Sing Off” and “Road Rules.” Hold on, it gets better – Austin has graced stages with legends like Bonnie Raitt and collaborated with emerging stars like Jem and Amos Lee. His talents even extend to soundalike singing voiceovers for games like Guitar Hero.


Let’s talk about the tracks in this EP. First up, we’ve got “Gonna Be Alright,” the lead single that’s basically a musical hug. It’s like the comfort food of songs – warm, familiar, and leaves you with a fuzzy feeling inside. Austin compares relationships to icebergs, you know, because they’re deep and mysterious. The tension in the song? It’s like waiting for the plot twist in your favorite TV show – keeps you on the edge of your seat, craving more drama.

Following the songwriting festival, Rich headed to Berkeley, where he and Austin cranked out four tunes in just three days at his home studio.

“Over dinner on Monday, shortly after his arrival, Rich and I dove into a powerful conversation about family relationships and the known and unknown ways they shape us. We talked about the blessings of the wisdom, insight, perspective, and joy they inspire, as well as some of the challenges, struggles, and pain that are an inevitable part of growing up.”

Now, let’s talk about “Saw You in the Light.” It’s a touching tribute to Pete, Austin’s buddy who had a zest for life. Pete was the first person to invite Austin to sing in a band. In high school, Pete kickstarted Brazen Image and approached Austin to be the vocalist. At that time, Austin had recently begun singing and was apprehensive about performing on a microphone, so he declined the offer. Despite wishing for different circumstances, there’s an additional sweetness in having written this song to honor Pete, the first person who inspired him to sing original music.


Think of it as the soundtrack to a heartwarming movie scene, capturing the essence of friendship and those moments that hit you right in the feels. Als@alsqueezy’s lyric video? Pure genius. It’s like a scrapbook of memories but in video form. Pete would be proud. This track is a reminder that sometimes letting yourself feel the loss of a loved one may also help you feel their presence.

I’m Not Gonna Stop” is the anthem for those days when you need a kick in the motivational pants. It’s like a musical Red Bull – gives you wings and a burst of energy. Austin’s tenacity in the face of doubt? Imagine Rocky Balboa preparing for the final showdown, but with a guitar instead of boxing gloves. Next, we’ve got “Better Days Are Gonna Come,” a tune that’s like a warm hug in audio form. Collaborating with Patricia Bahia, they’re basically the dynamic duo of hope. It’s like they’re saying, “Hey world, get ready for a dose of compassion and justice!” The melody? It’s like a musical sunrise after a stormy night – hopeful, with a hint of triumph.

Closing out the EP is “No Apologies (for Being Me),” the ultimate self-love anthem. Austin, on a retreat, hears a riff in his head, and boom – a song is born. It’s like a musical epiphany in the middle of zen meditation. The post-chorus chant? It’s the mic-drop moment, shouting, “I am who I am, no apologies!” Colin Egan’s touch? Like the cherry on top – sweet and unforgettable.

Austin Willacy’s “Gonna Be Alright” EP is like a musical buffet, offering a variety of flavors – from soulful ballads to motivational power-ups. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or a casual listener, this EP surely deserves a spot in your playlist. This EP is the real deal, folks!

Gonna Be Alright Track List

Gonna Be Alright
Saw You in the Light
I’m Not Gonna Stop
Better Days Are Gonna Come
No Apologies (for Being Me)

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