Morning Magic: District Lost’s new EP ‘The Early Morning Hours Mix’

District Lost, a producer hailing from the tranquil surroundings of Muskoka, Ontario Canada, has recently released a mesmerizing five-track EP titled “The Early Morning Hours Mix.” From the very title, one can anticipate a collection of tracks that are perfectly suited for those quiet, introspective moments in the early hours, perhaps accompanied by a steaming cup of coffee. This EP seamlessly blends chill vibes, futuristic beats, and intriguing synth/lo-fi hip hop elements to create this amazing mix.

The first track of the EP, “The 12 AM Tunes,” masterfully establishes the mood right from the start with its attention-grabbing blast cymbals that seem to beckon listeners into its world. As the music unfolds, it seamlessly transitions into a delightful jazzy keyboard melody accompanied by a rhythmic synth that adds depth and richness to the composition. This track is like a doorway to a world of tranquility, offering a perfect background soundtrack for those moments of unwinding and embracing a relaxed ambiance.


“I’m Tired” introduces a unique and mysterious sound with its simple yet captivating beat. The carefully crafted melody and structure of this track make it a standout piece on the EP, drawing listeners into its enigmatic world. “Exes and Ohs” is a true standout on the EP, capturing listeners right from its amazing introduction before diving into its infectious beat. The rhythm and melody of this track are undeniably compelling, evoking a sense of inspiration that makes you want to freestyle over it effortlessly. Its unique sound and irresistibly catchy vibe are the ingredients that quickly turn it into an instant favorite among listeners.


“Tender Sacrifices” begins with a classical intro featuring a woman’s voice singing a snippet of a song, adding an elegant touch to the track. As the smooth beat unfolds, a wave of nostalgia and melancholy washes over the listener. It’s a simple yet refined piece that showcases District Lost’s ability to evoke deep emotions through music.

Closing the EP is “Munchies,” a track that brings a lively and upbeat sound to the mix. It’s impossible not to dance or nod your head along to its infectious rhythm, making it a perfect finale to this eclectic EP.

“The Early Morning Hours Mix” by District Lost offers a rich and diverse musical experience that transcends genres and captivates listeners with its unique blend of chill vibes and futuristic beats. Each track on this mesmerizing EP takes you on a journey through different emotions and moods, creating a dynamic and engaging listening experience. Whether you’re seeking a relaxing backdrop for quiet moments or an energizing rhythm to uplift your spirits, this EP has something for everyone. District Lost’s skillful production and artistic vision shine through in every track, making this EP a must-listen for music enthusiasts looking for a blend of tranquility and innovation.

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