Breaking Taboos and Advocating Change: Exploring HunBjørn’s Electro-Pop Masterpiece

HunBjørn, the Copenhagen-based artist, singer, and producer, has just released a five-track electro-pop masterpiece EP on May 24 called “In the Eye“. This EP, a reflection of her innovative approach to music creation, marks a departure from her usual songwriting process. It explores the taboo aspect of relationships, offering a raw and honest portrayal of human emotions. This exploration sheds light on the tension between societal norms and personal desires, providing a deeply authentic and relatable narrative that resonates with many listeners.

Typically, HunBjørn begins her musical journey at the piano. However, the songs in this new EP emerged from a different place entirely. “All the new songs were written in my DAW (digital audio workstation). That is, they are produced and written simultaneously. So based on a technical idea, I have built a song—to lead my tonal language, my rhythmic language and my sound to new places,” HunBjørn explains. This method allowed her to explore new realms of sound and rhythm, blending them seamlessly into her unique style.


The title track, “In the Eye,” showcases groovy elements drawn from dance, alternative pop, and electro-pop, blending these genres into a unique and amazing sound that stands out in today’s music scene. This track made its radio debut on Danish Radio P3, where it immediately captured the audience’s attention with its infectious beat and intricate production. Its profound lyrics, which talk about emotional themes and resonate with listeners on a personal level, contribute to its powerful impact. The combination of these elements ensures that “In the Eye” leaves a lasting impression on all who hear it, highlighting HunBjørn’s innovative approach to music.

Two singles from the EP, “Words Don’t Disappear” and “When You Wing It,” have garnered significant media attention, not only for their remarkable and distinctive sound but also for the compelling and meaningful stories behind them. “Words Don’t Disappear” addresses the complex and intense emotions tied to unresolved anger, capturing the lingering tensions that cannot be easily mended with simple apologies. In contrast, “When You Wing It” boldly confronts the pressing issues of professional recognition and the exploitation of women in the music industry, shedding light on the challenges and injustices faced by female artists. These tracks, with their powerful messages and innovative style, will surely resonate deeply with both critics and listeners, elevating the EP’s impact and relevance.

“Out Of My Control” dives deep into the art of giving in to someone else, riding the waves of overpowering emotions, and boldly saying, “I can’t handle this alone!” HunBjørn likens this tune to a long, intense dance of emotions, like when you’re trying to choose between pizza or tacos, and both just look too good to resist. It’s all about that inner struggle of letting go and embracing vulnerability, much like when you’re torn between hitting snooze or getting up early for a workout—decisions, decisions!


The EP wraps up with “It Burns,” a strong song about gathering the guts to leave a bad relationship. It hits home for anyone who’s had to find the bravery to say, “No more!” Imagine it like finally tossing out that old, moldy sandwich from the back of the fridge—you know it’s time to let go! This track resonates with anyone who has had to muster the strength to walk away from something harmful.

Check out this full-length music video of “In the Eye”

Thinking about how she creates music, HunBjørn says, “Since corona, I’ve thought a lot about sitting at a machine and writing about the body, but also the whole digital staged reality compared to the organic real world. In my new songs, it has become a play with a space where the two worlds interact. The technical, the manipulated, processed, produced. Tuned vocals, sample beats, etc. as opposed to the organic in vocals, cello, and analog synths.”

HunBjørn’s new EP is like a catchy pop playlist that talks about feminism and how life keeps changing. Her way of trying new things and being open-minded has given us songs that are fresh and easy to connect with.

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