Queen MJ drops love bombs into the scene last January 19, 2024, with “MJMTHERAPPER X LOVESET,” a two-track EP to burn up the upcoming Valentines. Within the confines of this EP, the tracks “Rendezvous” and “Everytime” boast their own unmistakable vibes, taking the audience on a thrilling musical ride. Packed with a sass and chill vibe, you can’t help but raise your glass for the music. This is the kind of music that you want to listen to while you watch the world burning in embers. Ha!

Opening up the show are the heavy beats of the song Rendezvous. This track is a pulse, a heartbeat, and a statement! With MJ’s catchy and snappy raps like some kind of crackling electricity on a tangled mess of wires, it is a love song with static interference! This is where MJ showcases her inner bad b*tch on telling the story of a complicated love affair spitting “IDGAF’s” here and there. Forget the fairytales where everyone lives happily ever after, let’s just slay!


The next track comes as a little bit of a surprise. You’ll be amazed by the melodic tone of MJ’s voice on the second track “Everytime”. It gives a story of a very relatable loneliness that for sure some of us felt at some point in our lives. But when you think, this is all about mellow and chill, there comes in her snappy spit-fast raps spitting fiery rhymes and inflections that for sure will make you giggle and nod in agreement.


MJMTHERAPPER X LOVESET” is a well-polished hidden gem. It is proof of MJ’s skill and potential. Personally, this two-tracked EP is chill enough to soothe someone’s soul and fiery enough to wake up your sleeping inner bad b*tch attitude.

So, make yourself comfortable, take out your favorite blanket, volume up, and prepare to embrace your baddass self. MJ has got you a soundtrack for it! Don’t hoard the fun, don’t forget to spread the baddassery!

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