Backstrom Drops Helluva Ride Album ‘The Carousel’

Forget the delicate sway of wildflowers in the gust of the wind. After the long musical hiatus, Backstrom comes back like a lightning strike. Making their way into the spotlight with the new album “The Carousel” which comes down crashing like a boulder hurtling down a mountainside. Released last January 18, 2024, it is a collision of folk, the timeless sound of country, and the grit of rock’n’roll that will leave you bruised in the gut in the best way possible.

Kicking off with the first track “Train Wreck Coming”, your classic country rock’n’roll that can make you jump and jive to its rhythmic tunes. On the contrary, “The Ghost of a Town” is an indie-folk ballad-ish track that focuses on emotional storytelling of sadness and nostalgia. It captures the memories of a once-thriving town that is now abandoned – personified as the unfulfilled potential of a person and lost dreams. It has a melody that captivates the yearning and wistfulness of what was lost.


Here goes our mysterious section – Starting off with the beautiful track “Animal,” The resounding tune of cello and violin with the touch of the emotional and raspy voice of the artists echoes the haunted internal conflict of a person who struggles with their self-discovery! This adds to the dramatic, theatrical, and melancholic vibe of the song. “Winter Moon” offers solace to those who are lost in the labyrinth of their own emotions. It is a tale narrated through haunting vocals and a resonating melody that cocoons listeners into a warm embrace.

Following this emotional lane is the track “It’s Too Late – Remix” – a masterpiece that encapsulates soul-stirring and powerful feelings. With each note and haunting melody, the track effortlessly invites the listeners to embark on a fiery musical journey. The song “Darkness” captures lyrical themes perfectly. The atmospheric and melancholic melody with the ethereal vocals with the echoing beautiful synths set the mood. This tackles existential crisis, and dang, the lyrics would definitely fit on your mysterious IG stories. On the other hand, the track “The Traveler” evokes a very relatable conflict for stability and the urge to wander. It is an inspiring song that promotes determination to move forward despite its melancholic undertones.

Carpe diem – these words compact the vibe of the song “The Journey”. It is an uplifting song that encourages listeners to become resilient, to live a good life, and delivers a message that there’s always hope. “Get busy with your living or you’ll be busy dying” Ha! You bet I will!


Last but most definitely not least, the title track “The Carousel ” resonates a very beautiful message of resilience. It has very catchy lyrics and a rhythmic chorus that tackles relatable themes through its captivating music. It is a beautiful yet melancholic metaphor symbolizing the paradoxical nature of life, the fleeting ebb and flow of joy and sorrow.

The Carousel” is a musical equivalent of a smoldering ember. With the melancholic voices singing tunes that weave tales of aches and introspection; the album is packed with captivating themes that explore the mess and beauty of being a human, the rebellion and resilience that engulfs one’s heart, and the resilience of a human to loss, love, anxieties, and other humane vulnerabilities. Trust me when I say that this is one helluva musical ride! These songs are share-worthy on your IG stories, so check ‘em out!

The Carousel Track List

Train Wreck Coming
It’s Too Late
The Carousel
The Traveler
Ghost Of A Town
Winter Moon
The Journey

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