KIIX’s Drops Second Full-Length Album: ‘Heartless Goodbye’

Get your glow sticks and your favorite neon outfit ready because US-based EDM producer KIIX just dropped the EDM bomb we didn’t know we needed! His second full-length album, “Heartless Goodbye,” hit the scene on January 19, 2024, and it’s basically the party playlist upgrade we’ve been waiting for. The track “Paranoid” is currently rocking the dance charts, strutting at #2 on Spotify Luxembourg’s daily chart and grooving its way to #6 on the USA iTunes dance chart. And guess what? You can snag a retro CD from KIIX’s Spotify shop – because CDs are the vinyls of the 2000s, right?

Let’s talk about KIIX – the EDM wizard with over 1 million Spotify streams and a talent for making the UK charts swoon. He’s been making moves since his debut track, “It Ain’t Right,” in February 2020. Fast forward to 2022, and his single “Get High” soared to #1 on Traxsource’s electropop charts. It’s like he’s making hits in his sleep.


Now, onto the main event – the album. With 11 tracks that are basically a VIP pass to the best dance party in town, KIIX is serving up beats hotter than a summer day. From high-energy beats like “Deepest Of Desire,” “Yesterday,” “Morning,” and “My Heart” to the slower yet danceable tunes like “Wild Love,” “HeartBeat,” and “Who Am I,” KIIX showcases his production skills, igniting a dance party without you even realizing it. Consider your speakers officially blessed because these tracks are like the surprise dance party anthems you didn’t see coming.

Steal My Soul” takes you on an ethereal journey with soulful vocals, a catchy melody, and hooks that’ll linger in your mind. The build-ups and drops are top-notch, a testament to KIIX’s professional touch. Then there’s “Heartless Goodbye” – the album name and a head-nodding track with incredible vocals. The upbeat music collides with emotional lyrics, creating a unique blend that sets this track and the entire album apart. “Heartless Goodbye” is the track that’ll have you nodding like you’re at a deep poetry slam, but with a thumping bass line. KIIX is basically asking, “Can we philosophize and still make you move?” Spoiler alert: Yes, yes, and absolutely yes.


KIIX’s “Heartless Goodbye” is a pulsating EDM adventure that demands to be heard. This album radiates hype and party vibes, making it a must-have in your EDM playlist. From the chart-topping vibes of “Paranoid” to the soulful depths of “Steal My Soul,” this album showcases KIIX’s versatility and mastery in the world of electronic dance music.

Heartless Goodbye Track List

Deepest Desire
Wild Love
Who Am I
My Heart
Steal My Soul
Heartless Goodbye

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