UNPACK: Nouvèl and the Absolute Bangers “Nite Drive Therapy”

On the 30th of April 2024, Nouvèl released an extraordinary album entitled “Nite Drive Therapy“. The album is packed with 16-track goodness that encapsulates Nouvèl’s skills and dynamics as an artist – showcasing his lyrical expertise, undeniable great vocals, and dynamic collaborations that completed this whole project.

Thematically rich, the album explores the concepts of love, relationships, and personal experiences which makes this whole feature very much relatable to the listeners. This release also offers a glimpse into the thoughts and experiences of the artists since the tracks also have themes of self-reflection throughout the whole album.


The album opens with “Vèl’s Prayer”. Well, this track is pretty much straightforward, it is a prayer. It is a minute-long track that delivers a prayer performed through rhythmic and clear raps of Nouvèl also featuring the artists DÆTÄ & Footz. This track alone sets your mood on what to expect from the whole project. The lines are strong, it is carefully placed, and most of all it is performed with such prowess that would leave you wanting for more.

The next track is “Midnite Drive”. It is a standout. This track is packed with a chill vibe blended with stunning vocals. The laid-back instrumental beats and sound perfectly complement the vocals featured on the track. This only proves how polished this whole production was, the details and the attention put into adding layers through the song has created a satisfying listen for the audience.

Collaborations are also one of the strong features of “Nite Drive Therapy”. Nouvèl has collaborated with a number of awesome artists for this album. Starting strong with the track “Like That” which features Maria Carmen. This track is pure RnB goodness with the hint of the signature sound of Nouvèl making an undeniable great chemistry between the two artists. “First Taste”, “STFU”, and “Gibberish” on the other hand deliver a sexy vibe on Nouvèl’s musical side.


The soulful vocals of Gëtte have been highlighted multiple times in this album. Her haunting vocals definitely add up to the great music presented by Nouvèl in this project. Amongst the tracks that she was featured in were Aux Cord, Lawrence, and Limousine which also features the artist Nomad the Native. Moreover, the core track of the album “Maintenance” (where Gëtte was also featured), is a very straightforward track. The verses were sharply paired with Gëtte’s chilling vocals creating a haunting story that involves love, relationships, and money.

“Nite Drive Therapy ” has perfectly demonstrated the remarkable range of Nouvèl as an artist. The way that he can effortlessly adjust from singing smooth R&B melodies to spitting sharp and rhythmic verses of rap is just amazing. This only proves that versatility is one of his strongest suits, which allowed him to freely explore different genres while perfectly encapsulating different vibes and emotions. To hear more of him, the following tracks were also released in this album: “Sugar Cane”, “2 Phones”, “Bmore Shor (feat. Kae Roshon)”, “Do Not Disturb (feat. Nomad the Native & Kae Roshon)”, Drop Top Coupe (feat. CvpSet Martae) and “Rear View (feat. Kellen Parham)”, so be sure to listen to all these.

With “Nite Drive Therapy’s” quality as an album, this definitely demands your full attention. Packed with its stunning combination of RnB and hip-hop, honest and straightforward lyrics, and Nouvèl’s undeniable top-notch vocals, this album is guaranteed to be a great listen. Stream “Nite Drive Therapy” on all major platforms and don’t miss out on any news and music release from the artist and be sure to follow all of Nouvèl’s social media accounts. Immerse yourself in all these awesomeness!

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