Instrumental Artist Srge_ Dropped New Album: ‘Really, I’m Not Sure’

Guess who’s back with a musical treat? It’s Srge_ dropping his latest album, “Really, I’m Not Sure.” This compilation of b-sides from a previous project is like a mixtape of hidden gems, giving off those cool old-school hip-hop vibes with a generous infusion of synthesizers.

Featuring an impressive lineup of 23 tracks, this marks Srge_’s fourth and most extensive album yet, following the success of “Crawl,” “Landfil_Vol.1,” and “Sound Of Retro Games.”


The album kicks off with a chill and kinda trippy track called “Psychedelia.” It’s like strapping on a musical VR headset, especially if you’ve got headphones on. Srge_ takes you on a journey to other dimensions, proving he’s not just a musician; he’s a sonic sorcerer. His production skills are so exceptional; you might want to check if you’re still on planet Earth after this one!


Now, let’s take a detour with “Cavern Acoustic.” Srge_ flips the script, dropping us into an eerie synth-filled space that feels straight out of a horror flick. But hold up, it’s not all spooks; this track is like a blank canvas, waiting for your fiery rap to paint the town. And guess what? “KNDY” is cut from the same cloth, setting the stage with killer production that’s practically a red carpet for your lyrical greatness. It’s like Srge_ is saying, “Step up and own the mic!”

Let’s talk about “Eve.” It’s like an alien dropping by for a chill evening, bringing a mix of groovy synths and artistic wizardry. And then, we hit the sixth track, the star of the show, “Really, I’m not sure.” This track doesn’t just borrow the album’s name; it flaunts Srge_’s professionalism and artistic finesse. It’s not your run-of-the-mill beat with a basic background melody; it’s a showcase of Srge_’s top-tier skills. This track is the heart and soul of alternative rap vibes, capturing the true spirit of the entire album.

But hey, this quick tour is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this album. There’s more – a whopping 25 instrumental tracks waiting to blow your mind in “Really, I’m Not Sure.” It’s like a vast canvas of sound just waiting for you to dive in. Feeling a connection with Srge_’s vibes? Why not hit him up for your next beat or maybe cook up a collaboration that’s as fire as his tunes? One thing is “Sure”—Srge_ knows exactly what he’s doing, crafting instrumentals that leave us in sheer awe and delivering music that’s nothing short of extraordinary.

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