Dropping Gems: An In-Depth Look at T.E.E’s Album ‘Everything’

Alright, let’s break it down like we’re dissecting a frog in biology class. “Everything” is like the purest essence of hip-hop distilled into a 14-track potion. While other rappers are out there dabbling in singing and throwing every sound they can find into the mix, T.E.E is keeping it real with clear-cut raps that hit you right in the feels and the competitive spirit. This album is about T.E.E’s transition from his hometown of Goldsboro, NC, to the bustling streets of Chicago, IL. It talks about the changes that have happened in his life and the challenges he now faces.

Now, what makes this album stand out like a peacock in a flock of pigeons? It’s the versatility, baby! From boom-bap to R&B to soulful beats, T.E.E takes you on diverse vibes, all while keeping that chill rap tone consistent like your favorite pair of socks. It’s like he’s conducting a symphony of beats and rhymes, and we’re all just grooving along for the ride. T.E.E’s energy is steady, effortlessly riding each beat like it’s his own personal wave. And let’s not forget those memorable quotes that stick with you like gum on the bottom of your shoe. If you’re into hip-hop that’s more classic than a vintage vinyl record, this album is your jam.


Now, let’s dive into the tracks. “Uber Backseat Freestyle” kicks things off with T.E.E spitting truths about how music gets his brain juices flowing and repping Carolina like it’s nobody’s business. Plus, he’s got a bone to pick with all the judgmental folks out there. The smooth beats only add fuel to the fire, making his flow pop like a fresh can of soda.

“Work” hits you like a punch to the gut, with T.E.E preaching about the importance of hustling for your dreams and keeping your circle tight. And that chorus? It’s so catchy, you’ll be singing it in the shower for weeks. “How It Goes” brings the party vibes with groovy beats and infectious trumpet sounds, proving that collaborations can be as smooth as butter.


“Bug Out” from the start is that kind of track that grabs you by the eardrums and doesn’t let go. It’s like a shot of adrenaline straight to the musical soul, making your head nod involuntarily. Seriously, the production is on point, with every beat and rhythm crafted to perfection. And when T.E.E’s flow kicks in, it’s like the missing puzzle piece sliding into place, completing the sonic masterpiece. That line, “they gonna hate when I bug out,” it’s been on repeat in my mind since I first heard it. But “Bug Out” is just the beginning. Tracks like “No Clout,” “Mind,” “My Bidness,” and “Brolic Cypher” showcase T.E.E’s skill and experience in the game. His lyrics cut deep, his flows are smooth as silk, and together they create a musical experience that’s nothing short of electrifying. And here’s the kicker: being a good rapper isn’t just about speed and technical skill, it’s about connecting with your audience on a deeper level. And T.E.E does just that, delivering verses that resonate with listeners on a personal level.

“Soul Fire” is the kind of track that doesn’t just play in the background; it demands your attention from the very first note. With its hard-hitting beats and introspective lyrics, T.E.E takes you on a journey through his mind, laying bare his thoughts on fake rappers, reflecting on his own journey, and envisioning a future filled with success and growth. It’s raw, it’s real, and it hits you right in the gut with its emotional depth. And then there’s “Propane” – a track that’s like a fine wine, getting better with every listen. With its unique beat that’s equal parts James Bond and hip-hop, T.E.E effortlessly glides over the music like a seasoned pro, dropping rhymes with the precision of a sharpshooter. Together, these tracks showcase T.E.E’s versatility as an artist and his ability to create music that’s both thought-provoking and downright infectious.

But let me tell you, I’m not about to spill all the beans and ruin the surprise of experiencing “Everything” for yourself. Think of this as just dipping your toes into the vast ocean of musical wonders that this album holds. Trust me, what you’ve heard so far is just the tip of the iceberg, and there’s a whole treasure trove of tracks waiting to be discovered.

So, if you’re looking for some new music to add to your hip-hop playlist, do yourself a favor and check out T.E.E’s new album “Everything. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed. It is Everything!

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