Helia Tatla: An Impressive Collaboration of Masterful Music and Compassion

Funky and Soul – a great musical combination that the duo, Leah Attali (French Singer-songwriter) and Geoff Bradford (NYC guitarist) offer on their latest EP released last March 8th entitled “Helia Tatla”. With the great musicality of both artists making up this duo, their music creates a huge wave of sound where pop, jazz, and soul collide in one great production. This is sure enough to shake up the world of music.

Helia Tatla” is a name that both the duo and this EP bear. The duo is both loaded with expertise in their crafts. Leah Attali is a vocalist with a soulful vocal that is enough to reach your soul through her singing. Her lyricism is also topnotch as observed in this release. Her diverse experience and influence provided a solid backdrop for this whole EP. Geoff Bradford on the other hand brings in his skilled passion as a NYC-based guitarist in this collaboration, he was critically acclaimed as an artist with his previous work called “The Voyage Out“. His skills and unique sound provided a solid foundation for this work.


The EP opens with the track “Third Culture Kids”. A very relatable song that is funky, unique, and groovy. The track highlights a message of how this generation tries and fails to fit in in society. It speaks about the reality of how people are all different and that their ways may not be agreeable to us and it can cause trouble in some situations. The message of this song is highly emphasized by the way Attali sings her lines. Which is I’d like to point out that the vocals are just GREAT. It is crisp, clean, and top-notch. The guitar riffs and the whole production are just powerful. This song is a worthy introduction for this whole EP and can make you feel excited for what the other tracks in this album can offer.

Servant’s Heart” comes next. It made a reference to Mary Magdalene. This song is all about love and devotion, “Loving someone without expecting something in return”. This song is calm, but it does have great musicality. The song is well written, as this can be observed through the way the story is told in the song. The instruments are just so crazy – crazy good! Speaking of crazy good goes my personal favorite, the track “Caught Up In”. A track that highlights the great vocals of Attali. I like this track because it highlights the vocal and production ability of this duo. The vocals are good, and the music is good. Everything is just great (Plus points for the blending of voices. I cried a little, honestly). The song is about moving forward from something and how someone tends to become too focused on minding their own thing without noticing the people around them.


Lastly, the song “Ocean Blue”. The introduction of this song reminded me of the vibe that the band “The Corrs” gives off (I’m not kidding). This track shows off the great writing yet again of the artist. It is a beautifully written song about a metaphor for dealing with someone who is a PROBLEM. How this person can cause them to feel blue as they’re a problem as deep as OCEAN BLUE. Great word plays here! This is an enjoyable finish for the whole EP.

Overall, each song in the EP “Helia Tatla” offers a different package. Each track highlighted the great musicality and production of the duo. It is unique and it most definitely showed off the capacity of these artists as a musician. The vocals of Attali are just undeniably great, making it a solid base for this EP. The musicality and the mastery of Bradford on his instruments are highlighted too, making this listen smooth, great, and a whole lot of fun experience.

With all these, don’t forget to check out Helia Tatla and this EP. These are now available on all streaming platforms; Listen, Like, Share, and keep them on your playlists! Follow Leah and Geoff on their social media to get more updates about this duo because for sure, their next production is gonna be great!

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