New Perspective dropped from DJ Concept and Y.N.X 716 on their latest EP release “Conceptual Thoughts”

In an era where the obsession with the number of streams and lengthy track lists, DJ Concept and Y.N.X 716 shifted their approach and boldly rejected this idea with their explosive collaboration entitled, “Conceptual Thoughts“. Recorded with just 15 minutes clock in, this compelling collection of six songs focused on artistry and power – more like a quality over quantity idea.

Kicking off with the track “Conceptual Thoughts (Intro)“, it sets a mood for the listeners to expect what’s to come for the whole EP. It is clean and powerful, and the rhymes and beat just suit perfectly with the whole production. This same prowess and quality can also be observed from the first note in the opening of the second track “Mainstream,”. This track sets a story about the obsession and how cutthroat the mainstream scene was. It conveys a message that if you are not resilient enough to withstand the force, it will swallow you whole.


Daydreaming” comes in bustling with its melancholic sound highlighted by the soulful riffs of the piano accompanied with sick beats to accentuate the delivery of a story about a person’s struggling with escapism – the reality that someone faces that there are blurred lines between reality and fantasy and a lot of people experiences it.

Following the emotional side, “Beautiful Noise” comes in next. It is packed with piano and violin undertones which enhances the message that the artist delivers on its lyrics. It tells you a message that there’s beauty in struggle and that there are times when people just fail to speak up to protect their own peace. It’s a fairly personal song about the life and the experiences of the artists. It also showcases their ability to highlight their emotions while delivering aggressive lines while maintaining their personal yet melancholic emotional value.

Closure” was also released alongside this EP. This track is filled with a great piano showcase which is contrasted with the good rap flow and hip-hop sound provided by the artists. However, “Long Way Up,” a song that is both nostalgic and packed with a feel-good vibe, is a song that celebrates and acknowledges the challenges that the artists might face as they go along with their journey.

Throughout the whole EP, all the tracks were loaded with sick beats that translated into a great production of hip-hop music. The EP is also packed with the artist’s perfect rap flow and delivery. The way the rap is being delivered is so clean yet is very assertive delivering the message in a very strong manner. It is also worth highlighting the differences between each track that they have provided. With the elements of violin, piano, and other instruments, this assures a good and varied listening experience for the listeners. It is great to point out that throughout the EP, the transitions from one track to another are mind-blowingly satisfying, adding to the spice of your listening experience.


This EP is tailor-made for audiences who crave a good listen. If you appreciate the thrill of discovering new sounds from each track, Conceptual Thoughts is a compact package. It is ideal for those moments when you desire good music with skilled lyricism showcasing great skills in wordplay, clean and rhythmic rap delivery, and addictive beats.

Through “Conceptual Thoughts” DJ Concept and Y.N.X. 716 have created a great avenue for hip-hop and its potential in its purest form. The success of this collaboration proves that artistry will turn out great when skills and talents meet a good shared vision. Don’t forget to check out this EP, “Conceptual Thoughts”! Streaming on all platforms! Follow DJ Concept and Y.N.X. 716 on their socials for more updates on their future collaborations and music!

Expect nothing short of raw beats and bars throughout this wistful collaboration, available now through all major digital retailers and streaming platforms via Crisis Center Collective. 


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