Nikk Fail Releases “End of the Line”: The Sound From Future

Milan-based artist Nikk Fail is about to make a bold release with an EP entitled “End of the Line“. Set for release on June 08, 2024, this EP takes us to a genre that explores the darkest corners of music including Metalwave, Retrowave, Cyberpunk, and everything in between. Yet, with all these unusual combinations lies a quality that’s surprisingly diverse, revealing an artist-driven passion for music and sinister synths.

We got an early listen to the EP, so let’s give you a taste of what’s in store. It opens with the track “Bugstompers.” It is synth-loaded and futuristic. This is a track that is between everything synth and dance wave. It takes a vibe on the verge of being rebellious. It is electrifying and intense, it depicts a future that is dark — it somehow gives off a vibe that is dangerously thrilling.


End of the Line” opens the rock side of this EP. An absolute headbang guarantee, this track gives off a futuristic sound yet again highlighted by the unique vocals of a female artist which are clear and crisp. The voice fry was also a surprise since this effect is rare for female vocalists, hence this track stands out because of its unexpected explosive energy.

Following up with the striking rock n roll is the track “Troma Boy” which is an absolute delight. It is horrifying in all good ways (we’re talking about the horror qualities here), which are highlighted with screamo-punk components and raspy vocals of the singer. The steady guitar riffs, synths, and drums of this track will seriously make their way through you.

Moreover, “Living Dead Lights” hits hard with its apocalyptic vibe. With its synths and a great combination of beats and sound waves that set a tone for something catastrophic, it perfectly captures the vibe for those moments when everything feels like it’s about to end. This same vigor can also be observed in the track “Anakin Rampage“. It explodes with a vibe that will remind you of the intense soundtrack of an awesome video game.


Ending strong with the track “Commuting Paradise” which is a definite sound curveball from all the tracks in this EP. Unlike the other tracks, this song is a guaranteed feel-good track. It is light and the vocals are bouncy – which is great proof that Nikk Fail can play in a variety of fields in music and that they’re not confined by one genre only.

The whole album could pass as an official track for the upcoming Season release of Stranger Things. It has a classic retro wave sound with futuristic undertones which suits the themes of said series. This sound is genuine and has great potential. While these are all tracks that are just pure instruments and beats, it has elicited emotions which is great proof that this music is effective. it is carefully crafted, hence I daresay this is of great quality. It has so much potential.

End of the Line is great evidence that new sound is about to conquer the industry. With the renewed power of synth waves and their availability for all genres, Nikk Fail’s EP provides a darker and much more intense side of musicality. This EP also showcases Fail’s ability to shift from one musical theme and another to push his boundaries as a producer.

For anyone craving something new, be sure to watch out for End of the Line, available for streaming on all platforms on June 08, 2024. This EP is a must-listen, especially if you want to try cinematic sounds and are into music that’s horror-based and futuristic. Find and connect with Nikk Fail on his social media accounts to know more about his future music and releases.

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