The Return of Rock Legend: Ian Hunter Releases ‘DEFIANCE PART 2: FICTION’

In this industry, music has been always used to tell great stories, and Ian Hunter – a monumental icon in Rock ‘n’ Roll, is a master in that field. DEFIANCE PART 2: FICTION is a solid collection of tracks recently released by the artist that is loaded with potent messages and commentaries on social norms, audacious energy of defiance – a collaboration of great music, and energy brought by a lineup of staggering fellow rock legends.

Released on April 19, 2024, ‘DEFIANCE PART 2: FICTION’ is a fiery comeback following the solid release of DEFIANCE PART 1 in 2023. With the creative process arising from the lockdown situation, Hunter tapped the expertise of his extensive network of musicians, which resulted in authentic, enjoyable, nostalgic, and headbang-guaranteed rock music. Big names such as Stone Temple Pilots, Cheap Trick, Johnny Depp, Def Leppard, Lucinda Williams, the late Taylor Hawkins and Jeff Beck, and many others are featured on this release making it jam-packed with rock royalties. Chris and Rich Robinson from the band The Black Crowes and Mike McCready and Matt Cameron of Pearl Jam were also featured on the extra tracks on this album.


The DEFIANCE PROJECT gives off that attitude of resilience towards something. It can be incorporated into Hunter’s defiance towards time giving off a message there’s still more to expect from him and his musical journey.

DEFIANCE PART 2: FICTION starts up with a classic rock n roll track entitled “People”. It is packed with Hunter’s signature Rock n Roll blues and his distinct sound of a British pub-rock edge. The line “We know what people want. No, you don’t”, specifically gives off a social commentary on how diverse people and their lives were. This track reminds us of Hunter’s dynamic vocal range from his gritty and heartfelt melody. This can also be observed on the tracks “Fiction” and “This Ain’t Rock n’ Roll”.

Compared to DEFIANCE PART 1 which was packed with energetic upbeat type of music, FICTION has a certain different theme. It reveals a distinct theme that has a darker and introspective side as shown through the songs written by Hunter himself. In this album, it can be argued that Hunter bared his soul through his written songs throughout the album. Specifically, this can be highlighted in the slow rock classics featured in this album through tracks, “Weed”, “The 3rd Rail”, “What Would I Do Without You” – which featured the great vocals of Lucinda Williams, and “Hope”.


But this album will never be a full blast without the tracks that I tagged as spicy in this album. Not only because these tracks are somehow a breath of fresh air from the usual sound of the tracks in this album, but more like these tracks are FIRE. “Precious” is a fiery track that features Hunter’s gritty vocals with the great harmonies of Joe Elliot, the guitar riffs of the iconic Brian May, and the ferocious and awesome drumming of Taylor Hawkins. This can also be observed through the explosive tracks “Kettle of Fish” and “Everybody’s Crazy But Me”. Not only that this prove how connected Hunter was with his friends in the world of rock, but this will give you a taste of the fierceness of a collaborative fire in this album.

Speaking of timeless, this album also features tracks that include the final recordings of the late Taylor Hawkins and Jeff Beck. The tracks “Normal Service Will Be Resumed As Soon As Possible”, “Needle Park”, and “How’d Ya Like to Meet Henry” will be included on a special version of this album which will be pressed on red vinyl.

Defiance Part 2: Fiction is solid evidence that Ian Hunter remains a master of his crafts in classic rock and songwriting. This album reaffirms his place as an icon. The powerful tracks and captivating collaborations with other big names, only show that his age has not dulled any of his sharp edges as a musician. If you haven’t experienced the music and musical brilliance of this iconic musician, do yourself a great favor and check out Defiance Part 2: Fiction. I repeat this album is a MUST LISTEN. Don’t forget to keep up with the latest updates on his music and discover more of him through his social media. Don’t miss this great music!

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