Texas-Based Project Band DOGDAD Released Debut Album ‘Swan Dive Pity Party’

Hailing from the vibrant music scene of Austin, Texas, these folks aren’t here to play it safe. DOGDAD‘s debut album, “Swan Dive Pity Party,” is like Post-Punk, Post-Hardcore, and Emo music collide in a whirlwind of erratic hooks and impassioned screams. This band isn’t here to play it safe; they’re here to jolt your soul and maybe, just maybe, make you feel something profound in the chaos.

Picture this: a band who describe themselves as desperate to be the soundtrack of an anime
—sounds like they’re aiming for a very specific vibe. That’s DOGDAD for you. And honestly, after listening to this album, I can totally envision it. They’ve brewed a great potion that’s part raw emotion, part garage rock, part post-punk, and a whole lot of “did I just throw up in the morning? Yes, I hate it, f*ck it, I’m on a roll!”


“Hands on Hardbody” kicks things off with a post-punk guitar riff that smacks you in the face, smoothly transitioning into a cascade of desperate screams and pounding drums. It’s the kind of track that makes you want to start a peaceful mosh pit in your living room.

Next up, “Dewar’s Good Time.” It’s a melancholic journey through sad post-punk and garage rock, the kind of tune that becomes your therapy after a dramatic argument with your significant others. Loud car rides, introspection, and recognizing mistakes—it’s all there in the lyrics, folks.

“Know me Better” struts in with a pop-punk-meets-emo vibe, the guitar raspy enough to make you wonder if it’s been hitting the gym. It’s heavy, it’s heartfelt, and it’s the anthem for embracing your quirks.


And then there’s “Hospice.” This track is an energetic cocktail of Post-Punk, Post-Hardcore, and Pop Punk, stirring up emotions and challenging you to let go. The vocals hit you like a wave, raw and empathetic, urging you to shed the weight of what’s already slipped away.

Oh, the suspense! Let’s keep the rest of the track under wraps to surprise the audience—now that’s a tease worth waiting for! You guys should be intrigued and ready to be surprised by what else DOGDAD has up their sleeves.

Let’s just talk about their Instagram instead. DOGDAD’s page is like an art exhibit in a funhouse. Bizarre images, cryptic messages—it’s all part of their enigmatic charm. You might scratch your head, but admit it, it adds a layer of intrigue to the whole package.

In a nutshell, “Swan Dive Pity Party” isn’t your run-of-the-mill debut album. It’s a whirlwind, an emotional ride, and an invitation to embrace the messiness of feelings. Press play, and let DOGDAD take you on a wild, cathartic journey through the chaos of emotions.

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